Friday, August 13, 2010

Well, I finished the other side of my nails today in the afternoon. 
I keep waking up at 12 in the afternoon (=∇=;|||) I think it's because I've been sleeping like at 4. I blame it on Sailor Moon, Ghost Whisperer, and Pinocchio. 

Last time I watched Sailor Moon was when I was in elementary school. So like we were digging through my old toy boxes in the garage to find toys my little sister could play with and we found my old Sailor Moon dolls~!!! That was when I realized I don't even really remember about how the story went and like what even happened in the end. SO I'm officially on a Sailor Moon marathon. Ψ(`∇´)Ψ 

Ghost Whisperer I've only watched maybe at the most 5 episodes last year when I was hanging out with my best friend, Jaz. Now that I actually started watching it regularly, I'm completely addicted. OH WHY OH WHY DID THEY HAVE TO CANCEL IT?!?!


Anyways, today I decided to take my photos for a gyaru contest on facebook. I want the make-up prizes... (>ω<;) 

SO! I tried a new hairstyle, and I think it actually turned out pretty well. Here's the photo I used for the contest:

I hope I even place, haha. When my photo gets posted, I'll provide the link here. I would love you forever if you vote for me Ψ(`∇´)Ψ❤

❤ Mei

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