Saturday, July 31, 2010

Last post I said I was going to post pictures of the clothes I've purchased from Heaven Sky and Makiko Online, and here they are~

From Makiko, I've purchased these two clothes which I found absolutely adorable ❤


The top on the left side is a Ma*rs top and I really love the lace and pink florals. The one on the left - I'm not quite sure of the brand, but I really love the gold chain attached to the ribbons that go behind your neck. I wanted the black and pink one, but I don't have too many pink accessories to go with it.

From Heaven Sky, I bought this blue floral print dress:

I didn't have too many blue in my closet, so I decided to maybe add another blue piece to keep the other lonely blue top I have some company (^◇^;). 

I plan to wear the dress with this one vest I bought from Generation Y:

It was so funny, I bought the vest, but the cashier forgot to remove the large, grey, bulky security sensor. So... I came home with the vest, sensor still attached. I had to return the next day to get it removed, otherwise, people would wonder about whether or not I shoplifted the vest, haha... 


Anyways, my aunt and uncle went to Japan to visit my aunt's mother and sister so they decided to buy my sister and I two Ranzuki magazines. Yaaay~ I've never bought Ranzuki before - I've looked through some of them, but I'd never thought of buying them. I've always stuck to buying 小悪魔ageha. So looking through Ranzuki is a good change. 

The styles are much less sexy and well... I guess overall it has a more youthful approach to the fashion.

Another thing is - it has is a LOT of tutorials. I mean, one of the magazines was like tutorial upon tutorial upon tutorial. They are for make-up and hair, both. The makeup is much more simpler than I am used to doing it, and the hair is so much less... hmmm... flamboyant I suppose. It just has a much more natural feel.

So, I decided that maybe I should give the make up style a try and I went out and bought a pack of DollyWink lashes. It burned holes in my pockets but... well... I thought they might be a good investment. 

and I might try them on tonight. Pictures will be posted if and when I do make the attempt.


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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Summer Vacation!

Yayyy!!! I finally have time to post again. It has been suuch a long time since I've last posted. But thanks to Ray ❤ I was reminded of this little journal of mine. I've been buying clothes recently from online shops. Here are the two that I've recently ordered from:

Makiko Shop
With Makiko Shop, I've ordered two items, a Ma*rs top, and another top (I'm not quite sure of the brand). Pictures of the clothes will be posted later. Since I'm over in Cali, shipping was 10$ - which is pretty normal for buying from overseas... but I just absolutely hate shipping fees. 

I mean, don't you just wish that when you purchase something from a different place that there will be no shipping fees and that your purchases will just magically find their way to you without you ever  having to pay the extra fees? 

Back to Makiko Shop. The clothes are expensive, yes, and they are located overseas, so there's a bunch of extra fees there and I'm a bargain hunter - so these were out of my purchasing comfort zones - but I wanted to spoil myself a little you know? Maybe more than what's for my own good. 

With their shipping time, I was actually quite impressed. They said it takes about 2 weeks on average, but I received both my packages between 4 days to a week, and I'm very happy about it. Package was sealed nicely and securely and the clothes looked exactly the way they did in the pictures. I was a happy camper. 

Heaven Sky
Heaven Sky I came across via Facebook. Awesome awesome people. They messaged me back and forth to update the status of my orders and just had an overall really good and personal customer service which I really appreciated. 

I was surprised to find they haven't gotten their own shop yet. Anyways, they're based in Rowland Heights so I have the option to do facetrades (Yaaay less spending for me) and my city the next one over so life is alll good here. 

Another thing I really like about them is that they have free shipping until the end of July (this only applies to U.S and Canada...I believe) and right now are offering free accessories per items purchased. Furthermore, because my purchase was delayed in its shipping, I was given a free item as well which was to be sent at a later date because it is arriving today from the supplier I believe). 

Again, wonderful customer service. I had a delightful experience purchasing from them and would HIGHLY HIIIGHLY recommend their shop to shopoholics. 

Well, I should really be sleeping now. 

Good night 


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