Sunday, February 27, 2011

Photo Shoot!!

Hey guys, this is Mei!~~ ❤

So, because I'm a vocal major, I have to put on a 30 minute Junior Recital filled with classical goodness. To advertise my recital, I'm supposed to make a poster. SOOOOO, I had a small photo shoot today!!~~

I borrowed Lehrick's beautiful SLR camera. Not sure what kind it is.... he TAPED every sort of label (even the ones that tell you the modes, options, etc) to avoid brand bias among other people. Anyways, he had his whole umbrella and flash stuufff, legiiitttttt.

So, I found one photo I liked and edited it for poster use. What do you guys think?

Photo is taken by Lehrick. The overexposure effect was not a result of me playing with photoshop 
(゜Д゜) it was alll the equipment. There's no writing or anything on it yet. Just the basic design of the poster.

Afterwards, Rina and I had our own little PAJAMA SHOOT!! Hahaha. This was actually done because we had taken a pajama shoot a LOONG time ago... maybe in like middle school? So, this was done in light of the old shoot we had. There were so many photos and a lot of them turned out blurry, so I just picked out a few to share. We couldn't fix the setting back to normal lighting (I found out later that all I had to do was adjust the shutter speed) so they're all pretty overexposed, hahaha.

Enjoy the pictures~:

Present for our lovers!!! ❤


Kimmie Girl's DecoDen Giveaway!!~~

For all of you Deco crazy gals, here's a giveaway just for you!!

Kimmie is giving away decoden and nails for her 100th follower giveaway~~
The giveaway consists of:

☆ Sweets decoden
☆ Lollies decoden
☆ Cake decoden
☆ Flowers decoden
☆ Ribbon decoden
☆ Gold and Silver decoden
☆ Strawberry decoden
☆ 1 bear and 1 rabbit tiny teddy
☆ 3 sets of handmade nails.

You can find the post here.

❤ Mei

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Market time!

Helloo! Rina here! Ugh, I've been a little bit under the weather and working.

So sorry for not posting a lot. ): But here's a new update on some grocery buys.

Instant noodles! For work.. hahaha. (:

Oh goodness. These are so yummy. You can buy it at Disneyland, but an alternative place to buy it at is at CostCo. Yay!

Kinu's been depriving me of sweets since he keeps telling me I have to cut down on sugar. So, since he'll be at Tuscan during the week, and I'm not in my good mood week, I get to stock up on sweeties! :D

Yay! Cheeseballs.

I didn't think this would taste as great, but.. IT'S MUCHO YUMMIES!

Pads...I think this one has like some softening agent... to make your bottom softer.. :o

And for all you Tsubasa Masuwaka fans, she has her own pad line!

That all! I'll put some reviews up soon on my old stuffies and of course, the new pads i bought. (:



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Monday, February 21, 2011

Crane Game Crazy!!

Hey guys!! It's Meiii ❤

I love looking at crane games and trying them out 「in moderation...」It's so easy to get obsessed with trying to grab one thing that you end up squandering so much on something you could've easily bought from e-bay for much cheaper. Well... that is unless you're a pro and you know exactly how those games works. 

Kind of sad, I hear they're usually rigged so that after a certain amount of plays, the crane finally allows the player to "catch" their prize instead of the usual " OH I GOT IT!!...... OH WTF IT FELL OUTT!!!"

Anywhooo, I went to MVP with Jaz and Will the other day to scope out the little crane game prizes:

Oh hey look it's Jaz running away from my camera!!

Jaz and Will got sooooooo hooked on trying to grab these ones that they ended up wasting so much!! For.... nadaaaa, nathing, zilp. 

Several times we had the ball suspended inside the crane. Then, when it gets halfway up there, ssllliiiippp!!! (=∇=;|||) it FALLS!!! Epic EPIC failness.


For dinneerrr!!!!!

Phillip decides to join us for an after-dinner snack. 

Here are several pictures I took of Yes Plaza at night. I love the little "small town" set-up they have outdoors.

Afterwards, we went off to Downtown Fullerton to see if they have Fish and Chips to satiate Phillips preggo-like cravings.

I took a picture of this interesting looking lamp at a coffee-shop in Downtown Fullerton. Seriously? Like, we went out sunday night around what? 10 PM? HAHAHA to find someplace to eat. I wasn't hungry so I had fun sight-seeing.

We ended up going all the way to Downtown Disney and chilling over in the House of Blues. There we ran into two creepy guys from Florida who were trying to hit on me...... like at first I thought it was a normal conversation, then they started asking about my boyfriend and if he was around. Then, they started complimenting my skin and lashes. According to them they were "man-killers" if they were real. I was like " NOPE, ALL FAKE!! *insert huge cheesy grin*Ψ(`∇´)Ψ" Then I told them my lashes were actually extremely short and stumpy. Then one of them bends down and bats his lashes at me telling me that they were lady killers because he has long lashes. ( ̄― ̄) unimpresssseeedd......

 Jaz went into mom-defensive mode and started shooting silent bullets at them by taking over some of the conversation to help me out. At this point, I wished that Kevin was around (*´д`*)

Then one of the guys pretended to be a waiter and ushered us to a booth. I mean COME OOON, you just said you were visiting from Florida. Jaz said they were probably drunk, and she's probably right. I mean, you don't pretend you're a waiter who works at a restaurant AFTER you say you're visiting from Florida, right? I mean WHO DOES THAT? After I got that they were trying to hit on me, I walked away and pretended to ask Will random RANDOM questions because he was actually a bit farther away from where Jaz, Phillip, and I were.

FIRST time something like that had ever happened to me. Maybe because I've never been to an actual bar or club before? Or just around drunk people in general. But it was scary (;´д⊂) I was trembling while sitting in the booth for a while after that. FUUUUUUUUHHH it's okay though!! It's not like they were muggers or rapists or whatnot. 

Weeellll other than that, I like the place. It's not too bad. What fascinated me most was the changing lights on the ceiling.

The cheese on this pizza was actually goooddd!!! But that was all I had... just a small piece of cheese because Phillip said that the cheese actually had a bit of bite to it. I was too full to eat anything.

The light was reeeddd. (б.б)

PffttHAHA Phillip and his asian glow.


So anyways, INTERESTING night. and I leave you lovies with several camhooggg pics

Look!!! A random lock of straight hair!!! I missed it while curlinngggg!!! (*゜―゜)

And with my current favorite lip gloss!!~~~~

Have a happy rest of the week!!! ☆ミ

❤ Mei

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Round 1 Purii!~~

Heeyy~!! It's Meei here ❤ Ψ(`∇´)Ψ
Two days ago, I went to Round 1 with Steph so I could give her a pair of Diamond Lash Fairy Eye. We decided to take some puri after, buuttt I was soooo ouuutt of it. (*´д`*) Bad picture day for me (°_。)

So here's a little bit of the purikura we did, I'm only posting two hahaha. Because I felt so fail that day. (°_。)

I really really love her comfy looking blue sweater (>∇<;) I want a comfy sweater toooo hahaha~!

Other than funky puriis, they had really really cute stuff at the UFO catchers!!

MAMESHIBAAAAAAA!!!!~~~ So so so so cuuutteee ☆ミ

I really want one of these fuzzy Hello Kitties

Mwahahaha they're so big. I kind of just want one.

Well that's it for now~~ I'm actually rushing this post because I have to go meet Jaz hahaha (>ω<;) 
Next post is going to be a camwhore post for me bahahahaha (>∇<;)

Ciao ❤ Mei

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Friday, February 18, 2011

L.A. Opera - Il Turco In Italia

Hey loves!~ It's Mei ❤
So on Monday, Valentine's daay, I went on a field trip during the day with several of the APU opera cast I was working with last semester. I'd been to the Dorothy Chandler before, but not to watch an opera. I was one of the semi-finalists for the Spotlight Awards - and it's a beautiful building. I took several pictures while I was there - so here's a few of them:

Isn't it gorgeous at night? 

We weren't allowed to take photos inside, so I didn't, but the opera rehearsal was GREAT!! The story started out really really confusing at first, but as it progresses, things begin to fall into place and it's quite interesting, I'd say. If you guys get the chance, watch the opera when it's ready for public performance!!! ❤❤


After the opera, I went back to the school to meet my love for a Valentine's Day dinner. I had told him we were leaving L.A around 6 PM, but he still insisted on coming early - right from his school to save gas. So he sat outside in the parking lot for about 2.5 hours (*´д`*) I felt sooo baad!!

We decided to eat at Acapulco's because I wanted the sweet corn tamales, but NO they only had it in the morning (;´д⊂)

This was what we had instead.

Aaaand this is a random piece of Rilakkuma Cola candy that my roommate brought for me. ❤❤

Lastly, here's a video of my song for Kevin - it's his Valentine's Day gift. (one of)

Ciao ❤ Mei

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