Friday, August 27, 2010

MVP and Brea Mall

Hello! Rina here!

Bringing exciting news on Brea Mall hangout and what happened afterwards..

My boyfriend and his friends decided to invite my sister to go to Brea Mall, and to eat after. We ate at Banana Bay after walking around the mall aimlessly.

The loot? Here's what I bought at the mall.


Red and Black bra from Fredrick's. It was only $10. Pretty amazing deal.


Pink Bra from Victoria's Secret. A bra that can be worn both strapless and with straps.


Underwear from Victoria's Secret. HipHugger. The colours are pink, a strip of gold, and white. The gold is kind of hard to see. But I have to say that they have the most comfortable underwear ever made. Aside from Target brands. Hahaha.


Bought this pom pom glitter from For Love 21, Forever 21's accessory branch. It was on sale and bought it for only 99cents.

After Brea Mall, we went to go eat at Banana Bay, but sadly, we were all to hungry to take pictures and just ate.. although I'm not too sure if my sister took any. But I bought Crab Fried Rice and my sister bought Pad Kee Mao. I hope I spelled that correctly.


My boyfriend got this from a claw machine at MVP. It took us $7. But I think it's worth it. They sell those for like $28 here..


Another one that we got and I think this one took $4. And again, my boyfriend was the one to get this for me. Overall the day was a great success. Had a great time, and felt satisfied with my Rilakkuma toys.

Love Love Rina!

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