Tuesday, November 23, 2010

D~Tan's Second Giveaway

Hi~ Mei again, hahaha. 

I just noticed that D~Tan has a second giveaway to celebrate 50 followers~ ☆

Here are the items being given away:

☆ Diamond Lash sampler pack of 6 different kinds of lashes.
☆ Black rose detailed fine-toothed comb.
☆ NYX Chubby white eyeliner stick
☆ Black colored eyelash adhesive.

Follow her blog and enter the giveaway ☆here

❤ Mei

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Late Halloween Post

Mei here~ ☆

So, I went to Diamond's Gal-o-ween party, and yes I have really really late pictures I want to upload (>∇<;)

So here they are~~ my cell phone pics suckedddd because the place was so dark. Soo here are puriiss (゜∇゜):


Apart from Gal-o-ween, our university put on an opera. I was kind of a rocker, so it isn't too far from my usual. Anyways, I used it as a means to experiment with my make-up and hair. So this was what I got for my make-up. Inspired by Sakurina ❤❤

 Should I make a tutorial for it? :

I experimented with darker shadows and lips. I think I like it. ❤ 

Accessory rundown:
☆ Sunglasses: Generation Y 「$1.00」
☆ Necklace: Hot Topic 「$2.00」
☆ Large leather studded bracelet wrap 「~$2.00」
☆ Small leather studded bracelet wrap (not shown) 「~$1.50-2.00」
☆ Small lack bracelet 「Gift」

「My nails feel nekkid」

❤ Mei

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

D~Tan's Giveaway

Hihi~ Mei here~ ☆

Wwooooowww we have been sadly neglecting this blog. School has pretty much taken over my life. (*゜―゜) I have so many pictures from random outings and events to post!!! Goodness. I'll probably update more when I have winter break. (>.<;)


D~Tan is having a *drumroll* giveawaaay!! Some pretty awesome stuff too! Here are some of the prizes: 

☆ A large mirror that holds itself up
☆ 1 Eyemazing Lashes #003
☆ 1 Eyemazing Lashes #202
☆ 1 Lashglue

Check it out ☆here


Hopefully we will be updating as soon as it hits winter!!~ Again, sorry for lack of updates (*゜―゜)

❤ Mei

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