Sunday, July 31, 2011

Obon Festival Little Tokyo

Soooo yesterday, I went with Jaz to the Obon Festival in Little Tokyo~ but before going there, we stopped by the small plaza first and they had tanabata!

Mmmh, everytime I walk past this, I sit and wonder to myself if I can finish that... I don't think so, but it'd be so awesome (>ω<;)

Look at all them monsters who finished ъ(`―^)

The Obon Fest!

There actually wasn't too much around - we thought they'd have more and better food, but none of them really sounded that great. I wanted to get myself a dango, but everytime they finish cooking it, they run out (*´д`*)

So... in the end, we went to Marukai for food, then Curry House~

Look at these desserts ≧(´▽`)≦ I wanted them so much, but you know how it is before you eat. You want everything that looks awesome, but after you eat your food, you're like... uurrgghhhh no mooooorrreeeee.

My kid's meal (>∇<;) I LOVE their meatballs~

Afterwards, we went to Kinokuniya and the new Marukai Kawaii store right below Curry House.

Look what they have at the new Marukai Kawaii store!


And Prisila wig bangs, surprisingly (°_。) didn't expect to see that.

Well, I got my monthly Ageha from Kinokuniya...

And THIS~~~!! ☆ミ Everytime I go to Kinokuniya I look for this, but they never have it (either that or I'm always looking in the wrong place) but this time they do~!

And it comes with a DVD! 

I watched some of it today, and so far I like it, haha.

Lastly - woow over 100 readers! ( ´艸`) Thank you guys for following~ ! Much love to you guys~

❤ Mei

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Accessories ❤ Love

Hey dears~

So in my last post, I reviewed Jewerich 2 Lashes but I didn't have any pictures that were good enough to really look at the lashes. Well, I took some better pictures to show you guys the lashes in their full glory, heehee

Without flash

With flash

Close up

I was trying on eyelid tape for fun that day heehee (>∇<;) it's fun to put on!


So yesterday, Rina and I went to Forever 21 to look for headbands, but we couldn't find any there that we liked - so I ended up getting something else:


I think it's really pretty. I've been looking into larger accessories lately. Was inspired by Sakurina's spread in this month's Ageha:

Heehee I need to start adding more accessories to my wardrobe 

❤ Mei

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

More ★ Noel :: Sara Mari's Giveaway

Hey guys~!

So for some of you who are following Momoeri's blog - you guys may have seen her post about the More Noel iPod/iPhone app:

As you guys can see it's similar to a purikura app in that you get the pretty bokeh effect and the stars. 


My favorite part of this app is that it really brightens the pictures like in the purikura booths! 
So it's like a purikura booth... OUTSIDE OF A PURIKURA BOOTH!! Like woah~

Another thing I really like about the app is the way that the effects look. They don't look sticky, pasted, and ugly. They're very pretty and shiny looking ヽ(´―`)ノ

It's free!


There are only two effects you have in the app. The sparkle and the bokeh. It would have been nice if they added more into the app. But it's a free app, so I'm happy with it.

I wish we had more control of the contrasts and brightening.


Each effect has three different degrees - going from lightest and most subtle to brightest and more dramatic. 

Here are examples of the sparkle effects from the lightest to brightest degree:


Sparkle Effect light:



Sparkle Effect Medium:



Sparkle Effect Strong:


Bokeh Effects:


Bokeh Effect Light:



Bokeh Effect Medium:



Bokeh Effect Strong:

As you guys can see it works better with pictures that have more contrast in them. Overall, I love this app, it's simple, fast, and the results are cute! ъ(`―^)



So some of you may know that Sara Mari is having a giveaway for 1910 followers and she has a bunch of cute stuff up for grabs! Even if you guys don't want to participate in the giveaway, go on ahead and visit her anyways. She always something interesting on her blog.

1 pair of 
GEO brand circle lenses (winner's choice), foam hair curlers, mouse ear lens case and hair velcro provided by
1 pink cosmetics pouch, 1 pair of 
Chocola Rich Parfait eyelashes, 1 sparkly hairclip, 1 eyelash case, 1 Shibuya109 booklet featuring Honda Mana, Diamond Beauty booklet with Sayaka, Remi and Mizukitty, 1 cute tissues

So check it out here!

❤ Mei

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

☆ New Jewerich Lashes ☆

Hey dears~ 

So some of you may know from an earlier post that I've been dyying for Jewerich lashes no. 2 - well I found some on e-bay a few weeks ago and decided to order them.

With shipping it all comes out to ~20$ - I'd say about the equivalent of Dollywink lashes with tax give or take a buck or so. 

It took around a week and a half for it to get here - not bad. I'd actually expected longer.

Aaand here it is~ I was happy but at the same time I wasn't happy when it arrived. This was mainly because of reasons not pertaining to the lashes.

My kitten had gotten stuck in my neighbor's garage and it was midnight when I came home and found out. She hadn't eaten the entire day and was crying trying to get out of the garage. My neighbors were sleeping so I couldn't wake them up. (*´д`*) So I was worried the entire night and couldn't really feel happy about the lashes' arrival. We got her out the next morning so she's good.

Anyways - I gave the lashes a test run and my they were thick and dramatic! 

Lashband: The lashband was stiff - kind of like Diamond Lash lashbands. So you kind of need to wear them in a little - at least that's what I do to get the shape I want.

Design: I love the design! The lashes are looong, thick and dramatic. I love the pointy ends that give an edge to the design and help to make the lashes more noticeable. Now since these lashes are extremely thick and full, I find that it is better to place them from a third distance from the inner corner of your eyes if you have large eyes like me. Otherwise, you kind of get this look

Instead of this:

/failed drawings. They don't really help with me explaining this hahaha. But I did have fun drawing them.

Anyways, yeah I just prefer placing my lashes from a third of my eye from the inner corner:

Like that, hahaha. 

Well, without further ado, here are a few pictures of me wearing them... with my kuromi!! My dear partner in crime:

 I'll take better pictures of me wearing them soon - hopefully during the day. And I won't confuse you guys next time with my failed diagrams. 

❤ Mei

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Beauty Diary Face Mask Review: Cooling Mask

Hi guys!

Mei here and I'm reviewing the Cooling Mask from My Beauty Diary.

Here is the packaging and these are the ingredients and claims (which I took from the website because I can't read Chinese (*゜―゜) )

Main Ingredients

† Witch Hazel, Amica: Soothes skin

† Menthol, Peppermint: Lowers skin temperature

† Calendula, Scotch Broom: Softens skin

† Compound extracts of yeast: Nourishes and moisturizes skin


Cools, soothes and nourishes skin. For use on normal skin


I removed the mask from the packaging and it comes out looking like this: 

It was pretty drenched with the serum and smelled of minty... menthol...y. Not the best scent out of all the other My Beauty Diary masks I've tried, but it wasn't bad. 

When I put it on my face, after a while, I felt like this tingly feeling on my skin. It wasn't irritation, more like it felt minty. I liked it - especially in this hot summer weather. An so I left it on for 30 minutes and took it off and rubbed the remaining serum on my face until it all absorbed. 

Here is a before picture of my face. As you can see I have eyebags from hell.

Here's an after image:

After using the mask, my face felt more supple, soft, and brighter. I felt that it made my face feel fuller and it decreased the puffiness on my eyebags. My face felt glowy and nice heehee. I would recommend this to you guys but ONLY if you guys can stand the minty menthol smell. I know some people can't stand it (>∇<;)

Stay cool~~

❤ Mei

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Recent Buys ъ(`―^)

Hey guys!

I just wanted to share some stuff that I got this past week. Most of them from the day that I went to AM2, but some from before.

I've always seen those My Beauty Diary Masks in the shops that I go to but I've never actually really used masks before (>∇<;) so I decided, well - why not. I'll try this, so I got myself one box of the variety packs. One of the main reasons why I actually got it though is because of the packaging. Alice in Wonderlaand!!! ❤❤ Adorable isn't it?!!

I've used like three masks from there and I must say, I do love the results I'm getting. My skin is much smoother and brighter. I probably should've done individual reviews of each face mask, but I've never used face masks in my life before so I really have nothing to compare them to. Perhaps I will start though since I do really like the results and will continue to use them.

I also got Hello Kitty Nails! These were all found in Cosmeland.

Next, I found these gorgeous tops for summer from my excursion over at AM2. They were pretty decently priced! So I was happy~ ❤

Then, after AM2, we went to Costa Mesa and visited the Marukai in the area and I found this~

Was sooo sooo happy to get another Ageha magazine☆ミ 
They even have a small page on nose contouring which I found really helpful.

Well, stay cool in this summer heat dears!!

❤ Mei

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