Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mitsu's Giveaway!!~

Hey guys!! 

So if you guys haven't looked at my blogroll at all, I've been following Mitsu's blog over here, and she's having a giveaway~!!! (・◇・) Funny, I thought I had been following it officially, but apparently, I only linked it via my blogroll, hahaha. So!! Onto the giveaway's info~

Picture taken from her blog


☆ Follow her blog
☆ Write a blog entry (optional, but this will give you another entry)


☆ D.U.P Lashes
☆ Murua x EDGE-S Atomizer in “Honey Amber”
☆ Glad News rock-kei buttons
☆ w♥c catalog
☆ Cecil McBee bear sticker

For more info please visit the giveaway entry here~

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