Thursday, August 26, 2010

Galleria Mall

Few days ago my sister decided to treat our mum, Kinu, Ayu, and I to dim sum~! I think there were more dishes than we thought we ordered.... I even said, " Can you guys even finish all that?!" like when they were ordering, but NOPE. Still ordered all that food.

Seriously, with all this food. You know you're going to end up ordering more than you'll eat.

Doesn't the bun look cute? I've no clue why.

Afterwards, we made a quick stop at the pet shop and aquarium a few stores away. The pet shop smelled... terrible... they had small dogs, and only a few. It was a small shop, so I guess it's only natural that the smell would be worse. Then again... it could also be due to poor ventilation.

My favorite little puppy. He's so tiny!!

Look at his claws!!!

The hamster on the top left is a new mommy. She just gave birth around a week or so ago.

Then we went to Glendale Galleria. Traffic was HORRIBLE on the 5, but we managed to get there. So Rina went to carpool with Kinu to meet us at the mall and they left first. My mum and I thought that maybe they would arrive first, but for some strange reason, we got there before them. (・◇・) Kiind of funny. So while we waited, we went to Forever 21.

My mum was laughing about how this ring covered a third of her hand.

My little sister, Ayu, saw how my mum was trying rings on... so she decided to try one on herself.

We also went to Hallmark... whereiwaskickedoutfortakingpics


I thought their display was cute ❤ regardless of the crazy store clerk
The perfect store for all who are in love with colorful patterned leggings and funky socks

They had a lot of cute stuff in here. (・w・) Rina bought Rilakkuma slippers from here

LEGOS ARE AMAZING!!! I mean I could NEVER do this.

That random bright ball of light is not the sun. That's right - it's the moon. Extremely enormous for some reason.

You can see the moon getting higher now.

This is what I came home with from the day's adventures:

The shinkansen mug and lunchbox wrap is for my roomie who's birthday was last week. She's in Shanghai now, but she's coming back in a week.

Yes I will randomly wear this when I feel like it. ❤

Here's my makeup and outfit for the day

Make up is much lighter than usual, and the heat pretty much pulled off the majority by the end of the day

Small room, so I can't get full-body.

Bandana: Rina's, turned into a bow via Cheesie's bow tutorial
Necklace: Hot Topic - $2
Babydoll: Enlystyle - $5
Shorts (not pictured): Indonesia (no brand tag)
Bag: Texas (no brand tag)

I really liked my hair that day, but by the end of the day, the teased high ponytail got flat.
I followed this tutorial for my hair

I had a pretty good day - pretty much escaped the heat..ish. I heard it was around 105 degrees that day.

❤ Mei

- - - - - - - - - -

Hi hi Rina here! My side of the Glendale Galleria.

Of course, if you have read, we went to eat at dim sum.


Pretty good looking huh? Makes me want to eat more. It was mighty delicious.
Unfortunately, I didn't take any full body pictures of myself before we left. I was so un-coordinated. Just wanted to wear something comfortable for the long drive.


Oh my goodness. RAPE VAN! No no. I'm just kidding. Just a bunch of beautiful buildings on our way to the mall.


Yea, sadly, we can see see David's Disneyland parking ticket there, but this walk way was so nice.


Pretty. We passed a spa.. I think, it's called Royal Crown. But it looked soo nice. Not sure if its a spa though. Looked like it.


It's so pretty here. Everything looked nice. Kinu and I went around the place too look for the parking structure. We found one 1 block away from the real mall. I was angry about it, but at the same time, happy that he did park at that parking lot. We got to see all kinds of things.


David being a weirdo. The three frogs spits out water at you. See the floor? ITS WET! Lol.


After the mall, we went to the local noodle place, Ojiya. Pretty good place to eat.


David's noodle. Miso soup and noodles.


My loot from Glendale, RILAKKUMA SANDLES. Slippers... whatever. They were $25 without tax.


It's LEGIT! San-x.


Gonna go well with my kigurumi. Can't wait to receive it in mail!

Overall, the day was great. My eating cravings was satisfied.

❤love love Rina❤

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