Tuesday, August 3, 2010

So I thought I would give myself a haircut and decided to cut my bangs. I have this one problem with cutting my bangs either too short or uneven, and this time, it was uneven. (*゜―゜)

See where I'm pointing? That's like so much shorter than the rest of the bangs I cut. And then there's that middle strand where it's much longer than the others. My God, I can never cut my own hair... but for some reason, I can cut other people's hairs pretty nicely.

Sad life. 
OH! and I tried the make-up tutorial from Ranzuki in the picture above. This was the magazine tutorial I followed (except I added the bottom lashes I'd just gotten from Dolly Wink.) Sadly, my blush isn't showing up in the picture:

It was definitely much different than my normal make-up, and I am still getting used to applying individual falsies (notice several wonky lashes?)

So yesterday, when I went out to meet my honey, I went back to the make-up I was more used to.

Anyways, I am to design a flyer for the Disney tribute I may do, so I'll post pictures of that when I finish later.

❤ Mei

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