Thursday, May 26, 2011

Nails, Nails... and more Nails!

Hey guys it's Mei, so recently, I've been obsessing over the marine style hahaha (>∇<;)

So I've been looking for nails in that theme. I'll probably get them done when my new contacts come in. My contacts are actually just about expired, so I'm currently feeling naked without contacts. (*゜―゜)

Planning to get the green Bambi Series lens

I'm excited~~!!!

Anywayyyyss - onto nails!
Here are several eye candies that I'm planning to use as inspiration

Maybe a mixture of all the above? Hahaha

Here are a few others that are non-marine style, but I love them nonetheless and am actually considering for inspiration...

They're cute aren't they? 

This last picture that I found was just really cool, hahaha. So I thought I'd share it for you guys 

It's like... nail armor? So awesome.

❤ Mei

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Teeerrriiibbllle haaiiirrr

Hey~ this is Mei,

Hahaha, so I haven't been posting lately mainly due to the fact that I had a hair-dye disaster (=∇=;|||) I was careless with the dye so my hair turned orange (*´д`*) I was depressed for like a weeeek. I fixed my hair yesterday though! So I'm feeling so much better. 

We had a scheduled blackout yesterday from 9:00 AM -3:00 PM so Rina, Kinu, and I went over to the block to chill ъ(`―^)

Before going over, we went to this one cafe called... Veronese? It's actually a house turned into a cafe! So homey and cozy~ and they have paintings and potteries displayed inside~! 

Kimchi Ramen!

This was all at the Veronese Cafe. ❤ Such a pretty place.

Hahaha this is like the only picture I took at the Block

Mmmmm chicken. Hahahaha (>∇<;)


Before I killed my hair and locked myself up in my room for a week, I went to the park with a friend of mine. It was such a pretty day, so I took this picture 

So much green and glowiness huh? Makes me happy (>∇<;)

And I leave with a picture of me and my dear Kuromi ❤ 

❤ Mei

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Monday, May 16, 2011

New Stuffs!

Hi loves this is Mei,

I thought that I might post a few of the things that I've gotten recently. 

First I'll start with my favorite favorite perfume!!! ヽ(´―`)ノ

Versace Bright Crystal ❤❤

Next up, I found these babies over at Forever 21 ❤ not as decorated as I would like for it to be, but I think I can work around that and add stuff here and there. They also have blanks with just the gradient included.

I haven't tried out these shadows yet, also got them at Forever 21. I thought I'd get some sparklies since I've got a lot of matte colors.

Highlighter included!

Clothing-wise, I have several stuffs, but I'm actually in the process of cleaning my room, so I pulled everything out of everywhere to reorganize and so now it's hard to get to some of my clothes.

BUT!! I got a package in the mail today
from Rakuten's Yumetenbo shop.

It only took a week~ so I'm happy.

I ordered this pink onepiece from their Diable Baiser line. 

Cuuute isn't it? It's comfortable too (゜∇゜)


They included a little pamphlet inside the package. It's not much, but I thought that I might share it anyways.
Click it to make it bigger! (・w・)

Well, that's all for now~ have a great rest of the day! (・w・)

❤ Mei

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Friday, May 13, 2011


Hey guys it's Mei,

So I grew out my bangs and I thought to myself when I made that decision, "I will never cut my bangs again!!" 

I lied.

After seeing Okarie in K.J and Yua's Chikazukitakute MV, I decided to give myself bangs for fun. Hahaha (>∇<;)

So I experimented the bangs with different kinds of random fun hairstyles 
 I've been inspired by Okarie, hahaha, so I've been playing with lighter make-up too.

I don't think I will ever really do this type of pigtails again. Kevin and Rina both agree it doesn't really suit me, hahaha.

I guess it can be fun to have bangs after all. 

❤ Mei

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