Friday, August 6, 2010

Hair! Chocolate! Shopping!

When I do my hair, I like to look at inspirations from several of my favorite magazines such as Koakuma Ageha or Ranzuki, but another place where you can find some awesome tutorials and actually see the process, you can check out youtube~( or any other video uploading site for that matter)!!

Anyways, today, here is my favorite favorite youtube channel:


They have great mori hair tutorials and recently, it has been translated into English and separated into parts so that each step could be seen in more detail.

Here is a video of the latest upload:

Part 1 of Self Mori

When all parts are uploaded, I plan to try out this tutorial (・w・)


I went to the Brea Mall yesterday to walk around and get myself new bras and undies (゜∇゜)~

There is a Sanrio store there so we decided to stop by. The Sanrio store at our local mall closed down (*´д`*) which made me extremely sad.

Inside, they had like this Hello Kitty kitchen set~!!!!

This one little section for kitchenware. Ohhh God I'm going to die, they're too cute. They were all Pink and white scheme, which was pretty awesome since that is one of my favorite color combinations.

Here is a picture of the pot's lids

It's a bow top!! (*゜―゜) I want this set...

After Sanrio, we scoped the mall for good bargains, heehee and then I came upon Wet Seal, which had undies for 4 for 12, so I decided to go for it.

These are some of the selections they have. They have loooaaads more over there if any of you guys want to take a look. They have an extremely adorable selection for the 4 for 12 deal. 

Then, there was Forever 21, where they had bras for 1.99 - 3.99. So, these are the ones I picked up.

I fell in love with them (⌒~⌒;)

After shopping and walking around the mall for a while, we got kind of tired and hungry, so then when we got the chance, we ran off to Godiva for some of life's most sinful pleasures. I got myself a Chocolixir, a small chocolate bar, and a single truffle. Kind of pricey for a truffle... I mean like what was it... 3$? For a truffle? First and last I'll do that until I get filthy rich. It was good though.

They were having a 40% off sale so I had to get myself the bar (>ω<;)

Well, guess I'm not spending for two weeks, haha (=∇=;|||)...

❤ Mei

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