Thursday, August 12, 2010

Nail Love

Recently I've been looking at nails. I think I may get them done by myself today. 

I think I have an inspiration set that I want to try 

Ta-da~~!! This is from the Jelly-Nail site. I've been feeling sparkly and pink recently, so I think these will do.

I really want to try getting a gel nail set. I mean, pros - it doesn't smell like acrylic - those smell terrible. That, and you don't have to worry about it drying on you while you're still working on it. Another thing I find annoying with acrylic nails is that sometimes it kind of gets this weird yellow-ish hue. Maybe it's just me though, I've never really gone to an actual salon to get my nails done. That would probably be the best thing to do when first starting to do your own nails.

Well, we'll just see how it goes, and I will post photos later.


Okay I just finished one hand, and here's what I have

I finished that hand while watching Ghost Whisperer. Oh sigh, I love the Jim and Melinda couple. I can't believe they're canceling the show! (*゜―゜)。Makes me sad...

Anyways, I think the nails turned out alright. Someday I'll get it done at a salon... someday...

❤ Mei

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