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☆.。.:*・゚☆.。.:*・゚☆Hey there! ☆.。.:*・゚☆.。.:*・゚☆

I'm Mei. 
Soooooo.... of the two of us, I'm the brainier one, heehee. But don't tell Rina that, I don't think she knows
I've edited this... heeheeheee.......

I'm a music major who is an aspiring voice over actress. I love cartoons like from Disney, Flapjack, Chowder, and Adventure Time (I'm such a kid).  

Aside from singing and acting, I also have a love for makeup, clothes, nails, shopping, graphic design, video games, and drawing. My favorite style icons are Sakurina and Yakuwa ❤ both Ageha models. 


Favorite clothes brands:

Golds Infinity
Lip Service
Glad News

Video Games:

I'm currently absolutely in love with Tamagotchi KiraKira, Poupee DS, Wario World (the mini games one), and I'm waiting for the next Professor Layton game (WHICH!! IS COMING OUT SOON!! I think my sisters and I may preorder, keeheehee).

Aside from those, I love the Final Fantasy series and Kingdom Hearts ❤ (´ε`) They made me happy.


For anyone who is wondering why I look so small or why my hands are tiny, the reason is because I have metaphyseal chondrodisplaysia. WHOO long name. Anyways, it's a form of dwarfism except that instead of having stunted growth since birth, I still grow, yet much slower than the normal person. So right now I'm currently standing at a height of around 3' 11"? Somewhere around there.

I just want to let all you ladies out there know that don't sweat too much about how you look, be yourself - be who you are that makes you happiest. (Oh wow that wording was totally confusing) (⌒~⌒;)


This blog is mainly here for me to write about what's going on in my life. Occasionally, I'll stick tips, reviews, tutorials, and all those other informational stuffs here. 

Thank you so much for stopping by~!

❤ Mei


Hello, I'm Rina! And together we fight crime...

I love splurging on almost anything. Yes shopping.. is a hobby!
I collect lashes and skin whitening chemicals... It's an obsession.

Rilakkuma is my favorite character. And I have to visit Target at least once a week..
I work for my expenses and is currently striving for a car. 

I'm nerding out on anime because my boyfriend decided to make me watch things.. and now I'm hooked.
It's like some sort of disease... (: but... its very benevolent.

Favorite Shows: Yumeiro Patissiere, Gosick, Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, Fairy Musketeers,
Rainbow Gate, and most likely more coming soon.

I love Disneyland and candy.

Type of candy I like:
CHOCOLATE! (Godiva, Air in Chocolate, Kit Kat, etc..)
Hard candy! Clear!
Sugar packets

I love cake..


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