Monday, August 30, 2010

Golds Infinity Sale

So, I've subscribed to Golds Infinity's e-mail newsletters aaand today (well yesterday now, seeing as how it's past 12) I've received a sale e-mail~!

There are two items on sale:

One is a Halter with Chiffon top Onepiece (ホルターシフォントープ付) 

It comes in three colors 

Personally, I like the classic black and white look. I think this sale item was okay - what caught my eyes was the second sale item...

These suede double-zip booties (スエードダブルZIPブーティ)

How extremely adorable is that?! I love these types of boots. Too bad I can't fit into them, though. My size is much too small for the regular adult sized shoes. (*゜―゜)

Now these babies come in two other colors as well:

The pink ones come with black laces, and I think it looks kind of tacky - but the brown and black ones I would totally go for. Too bad the sale price is still pricey: 6,520円 

Sale runs from August 30-31, so it's a short sale, and the sales page can be found over here for anyone curious.

❤ Mei

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