Monday, August 16, 2010

Hang Out (゜∇゜)

So today I went to hang out with Richard and Brian. Ohhh my God Brian I felt so bad I couldn't remember he was in my Econ and AP Gov. class. two years ago. I recognized him for sure and I knew his name, but I don't remember where I'd seen him around. (*´д`*)

We went to Red Mango where we played around three games of Jenga, one of which Richard lost and the last two Brian. This was the tallest we'd gotten the stack before it toppled over.

Sad sad sad.

We later went to Vantage Point and hiked up the million mile hill. THEN we climbed the telephone pole to this one erm... place... thing? Wow, I don't even know what it is, BUT while we were there, the two guys kept chasing tarantulas. I lent Richard my camera to take pictures of it. 

Spiders... one of the things I hate the MOST!! I seriously have the worst luck... we came upon so many. They later caught one and Richard decided to keep it for a pet. It was kind of hilarious to watch them try to catch the little bugger with a cup and a piece of cardboard. They later transferred the poor guy into an old beer box they found, and they stuffed the holes with tissues. Later we went to Petco to buy a container, crickets, and water bowl for it. That's when we learned that it was a poisonous one. YAAAY...  (=∇=;|||)

Oh, did I mention that while we were in Petco we left the box in the car? (=_=;) If that spider had gotten loose in the car.....


ANYWAYS~! Aside from the spider business, the view from the top was great! I mean, there was the haze from the smog and the dry grass... but other than that, it was great.

Very pretty I think.

Later we went to Richard's house to put the spider inside its new home, and cook pasta. It took 40 minutes to get the water to boil!! That was the longest I've seen it take water to boil. Ah well, it's okay because I got to meet Pillow, the family dog

HE'S SO CUTE! I shook his hand ъ(`―゜) err... paw

Before I went home, I looked at the sky and noticed an extremely bright star in the sky. I know that usually Venus is the most commonly seen, but I've heard that Mars is supposed to be extremely big and bright this month. Biggest and brightest its ever been. So I'm hoping that I saw Mars. Venus would be fine too... or a really bright and big star. 

You can compare sizes with a plane that was in the distance. The plane was coming in and it's on the left side of the picture.

Pretty good sized isn't it?


Whew I'm pretty tired now, hahaha. Blisters on my feet. Wore the wrong outfit to go hiking/climbing. (*゜―゜)

For everyone who helped vote for me for the Shoponblog Gyaru contest, thank you all so much ❤ if I could buy all of you guys ice cream, I would.

Good night~!
❤ Mei

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