Saturday, January 29, 2011

Yummy Goodies from the Mall!

Hi Hi! Rina Here! With super new goodies from the mall!

I know, I haven't done anything interesting. ): But..hopefully soon. Hehehe.

Yay for Beppin Body! Skin whitening in problematic areas. It smells better than the Madhya white. They both have the scent of rose, so I like both. (:

Yay, it's like an explanation on how it whitens yours skin. (:

Hopefully it works wonders.

Bath powder. "Viva Body" It has fat-splitting enzymes... ): weight loss bath powder I'm guessing.

Can't wait to try it!

Soda Splash! I tried the Rose Champagne and Juicy Apple one. They make your skin so soft.

(: Honestly, I think it's worth my money.. haha.

Orange Splash.

Milk and Honey.

I also recently purchased a bean bag at Target. And a slip cover from Pottery Barns.

Hehehe. I'll have a picture of it on my next update.




  1. a very indulgent spree <3 the bath powders look interesting.

  2. Ohh they work quite well. :D

    except for the Viva Body one. I haven't tried it out yet..


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