Saturday, January 8, 2011

Round 1 Gals ☆ Will's Birthday

Hii!~ Mei here

Rina's goone to a convention in SD with Kinu today, so I'm left alone at home, bored out of my mind. Feels as if I've been out every day of this week. Tiring, but great. 

Yesterday I went to Round 1 over at Puente Hills to hang out with Michi, Steph, Cass, and Chiaki. When I got there it was only Michi and Steph, so we decided to do some purikura~~

First purikura we did, I did it without the use of a stool, sooooooo....... I'm standing on tip-toes, craning my neck so that I could get in the pictures

failness ensues.... 

For the other ones, Kevin and I scouted the area for stools and found some!! Jackpottt!!!


I had to leave early, so I left right when Chiaki and Cass arrived (*゜―゜) makes me sad. I need to better plan my days. 

Then Kevin and I left to go to Will's birthday gathering~

My sweet man ❤

We met at Jaz's house to wait for Lehrick. While we were waiting, everyone whipped out their phones and began playing games on them, hahaaa

Oh hei kevin's being retarded

After Lehrick arrived, we went to Zelo Pizzeria in Arcadia for some corn crust pizzas. Here's the menu along with the green tea I ordered. While we were there Lehrick started the "That's what she said" cycle. AND THE WHOOOLE TIME WE WERE EATING!!! Everyone analyzed what they said first before saying anything LOL (=∇=;|||) I wanted to strangle someone...

Jaz and Will, adooorable aren't they? ❤ Love them to pieces.

Oh look, they be asians

Me and my bff jaz...

The garlic bread was sooo good! 

The infamous corn pizza. The first slice was great, the second was... well... the corn crust got ooooold. Like, it started tasting strange. Other than the crust, everything else was great! The grilled onions were my favorite. They were both sweet and savory, and when combined with the cheese and corn, it's just soo wonderful.

Later, we went to Westfield mall in Arcadia for dessert from Cheesecake Factory!!!~~

Bought the Red velvet slice for me and Rina 「because Rina sent me a text complaining that she needed something sweet to eat.... her cravings are like that of a pregnant woman's...」

then, Quickly's for boba for Will. (・w・)

Uh... yeahhh....

I still have credits on my Round 1 card, so anyone who wants to hang or purikura or whatnot, let me know!!


Now, I just looked at Sakurina's blog and she has new nails!

They're soo gorgeous!! One day... oneee daaayyyyy...... 

You guys have a great evening!!

Ciao ❤ Mei


  1. It was nice hanging out with you~ even tho it was short time, but there is always next time!!! n_n

  2. Aww, sooo cute! I wish I could've went but I'm out of town. :( Maybe I'll get to formally meet you next time ;D

  3. ☆ Michi: It was really nice to hang out with you!! I knoow it was such a short time, next time I'll stay for longer. What else did you guys do?

    ☆ Dolly: Thank you~ !! Aww, sad that you couldn't make it (*゜―゜). Yeah, we'll meet next time! (・w・) If you're ever near Round 1, or in this area, let me know (゜∇゜)


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