Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Hi!! Tis Mei here,

Can I just say that I am EXTREMELY addicted to purikura? (>∇<;) It's a sad obsession really. Anyways, I went to Round 1 「WHAT?! AGAIN?!」「yes... yes, again...」because I still had some credits left on my game card and wanted to hang out with Steph and Jaz. 

Soooo, here are the purikura we did~

This one, I stole from steph's fb heehee, because I had the small version of this one.


Haha, so, funny story. I had five bucks that I stuffed into my bag 「Yeah, not my wallet, my bag. That wasn't very smart, I know」and we went to Ten Ren to meet up with Kevin and Will. When we got there, I rummaged through my bag to check how much I had. Well, I had two dollar bills in my wallet... but... MY FIVE BUCKS WERE MISSING!! So, long story short, we walked out of there to look for a cheaper place to eat. 

We arrived at Jasmine's car and TADAAA the five bucks were sitting right next to her tire....
on the ground....
Yeah I learned my lesson. No, not really. Watch, in a month or two, I'm going to be doing that again and just be randomly stuffing money into my bag and not my wallet.

SOOO!!! We went to Yes Plaza to eat at Phoenix. 「Never ask for water at asian restaurants, the cups smell like dishwashing soap, and the water tastes like dishwater BLEARGH」

Here's me and steeeph. I tried to edit the lighting because it was SOO YELLOWW!! And the walls are actually supposed to be green. (*゜―゜) like, a nice, pale green... so I pretty much failed trying to salvage as much of the real colors as I could.


Poor Jaz, she couldn't get used to feeling something on her eye. HAHAHA. I convinced her to let me do her make-up for tonight (>∇<;) ❤ 

Salty Squids! These are so good!!

Steph's Fried Shumai. Looks soo good, doesn't it? (・◇・)

Btw, I picked up a little something for you guys when I was at Beauty Corner with Steph and Jaz: 

Dolly Wink Nail Pamphlet! Tadaaa!!~ It's so cute! Amazing they don't charge for the pamphlet, it's too cute. (☆.☆) click on the pictures to make them larger! ъ(`―^)

Tsubasa is gorgeous, no? ❤


So here's my smolder, *ahem* make-up...I wore. (>∇<) Please excuse me, I just watched Tangled.

Please excuse Rina's messy room heeheehee. I tried The Dolly Wink bottom lashes that Rina just bought, 「She was generous enough to give me a pair」and I really like the soft feel it adds to the eye! 

Anyways, Shoes that I bought from Rakuten came in the mail - so be expecting a post on that soon~! For now, I'm going to rest, feeling a bit under the weather. And!! It's barely the beginning of the school year!! (;´д⊂)

❤ Mei


  1. super cute nails!!! i love it!


  2. awwww!!!!! u look cute as always!!!! *3* Iknow im a crack to purikura too ~ >.< if it was really near me i would go there everyday~ XD ha ha

  3. Purikura is definitely addicting! It makes everyone look extra nice, and plus there's all the cute deco! ^__^ ♥ It's too bad it's so expensive over here... Anywho, I hope we can take some together one day!

    All of you gals look so cute! I just love your hair! ♥ And man I hate it when photos come out really yellow. You did a great job editing it, though!

  4. You look really cute at the purikura *.*

  5. ☆ In Palace: I know, right? Aren't those nails cute!!! I might actually try out some of the designs~

    ☆ Michi: Oh dude, it's remedial, hahaha! We have legitimate reasons. The world is a safer place with purikura.

    ☆ Tricia: I knoooww, makes us feel like models, hahaha! We should take some together someday!!

    ☆ Aiko: Thank you!


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