Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sister Lifestyle & Purikura

Hi! Rina and Mei here, updating together! Soo, yeah, Rina's little post first, then Mei's. 「Wow, we are referring to ourselves in third person? Eh, yeah. It makes sense though since we are writing this together... through the power... of... MEI'S NIMBLE FINGERS ON THE KEYBOARD! OH YEAH! Yeah... 」


Rina Here! To update you with the food lifestyle and new buys!

Hello, welcome to Rina and Mei's Lifestyle FOODSTYLE foodstyle.. mm food.

"House Foods" Tofu! - Soooo delicious. I ate it in 2 days...without sharing. HAHAHA! No.. really. It's soo good with homemade miso soup.
"Sweet Miso" - It's low in sodium, so I think it's better for your health. (: You add a little bit of Dashi no Moto and a spoon full of the Miso Paste in approximately 2 cups of water and..VOILA! good sweet miso! And do not forget to add wakame..dried seaweed. (:
"Yamasa" Kamaboko! - I'm not a big fan of this brand, since its more pasty like.. but it still works. (: I prefer this other brand.. although I can't seem to remember what it's called.

"Nimono Moriawase(s)" - My favorite.. pickled veggies. SOOOO delicious! (:
"Mango Mousse" - Soo tasty.. (: it's like mango-y and soft and and .. it's like falling into a mangolicous dream.
"Steamed Cheese Cake" - It's good and not too sweet. Unfortunately, I only got 1 bite from it and my mom made me give the rest to my little sister Ayu.

"Hello Kitty - Ramune (strawberry)" - Tastes like strawberry ramune. Nothing special, except for having Hello Kitty there.
"Strawberry Soda" - I love it. That's all I can say..

From left to right:
The first item is a soysauce holder for bento. Except I use it to put my antiseptic for my earrings there so I can take it to work with ease. (:
The small Hello Kitty bag - suggested usages to store: keys, beads, candy, paper clip, etc..
I use it to put the soysauce holder. (:

Air in Chocolate (: one of Rina & Mei's favorite chocolate. (:

Koala's March and Pocky.
Super delicious..

Ka-Ru - Curled snacks. (: It's low in calories and tastes really good. Its like... waaaaooo. :D

Goodies bought from Cosmeland

Dolly Wink. Can't wait to give these a try.

Light brown lashes: They don't really show up well.. so truthfully I have no idea what to use them for..

(: Rina after work in her robe.. because she's lazy.

Yay Frizzy hair. (: From all those chemicals.. hahaha..

Half a heart for my boyfriend.. (: in Hawaii for a wedding reception.

Uniform! :o

xoxo Rina


Yaho! This is Mei (・w・)

So Rina and I went to Round 1 today to take some sister purikura! Something we barely evarr do.


So I asked D-Tan if there were any local stores that might sell Diamond Lash and she said that they had some selling over in Marukai stores. Sooo, after Purikura, I decided to try and see if the one close to my house had Diamond Lashes. AND LO AND BEHOOLD!! 

Fairy Eye!!

The first series were there on sale for about 9 bucks per pack. Ψ(`∇´)Ψ YAAY and they also had Melliesh lashes! Something I haven't seen around here before. 「I'm beginning to see Melliesh products popping up in random asian cosmetic stores too. ie: blush and gloss.」It was so nice, the ladies who were in front of me had huge shopping carts full of groceries and they let me go through since I only had one item. And I was actually ready to pay the extra dollar because I wasn't a member, but the lady behind me helped me by letting me use her membership card (>∇<;) soo sweeett!! ❤ Next time I'm going there, I'm getting a card. (☆.☆) so many good things in there...

Wao, I'm not feeling too well (°_。) I just got a headache and cold chills about a half hour ago, while I was uploading the pictures from my phone to my laptop. So, I'm going to leave and get some sleep. 

Byee~ ❤ Mei


  1. You two look so fabulous!
    And I always like to read about food and lashes xD hihi. Mmmh, I'd love to try the strawberry pockies!

  2. :o they're so good. you can usually buy them anywhere now. (: But I buy my Japanese goodies from Nijiya.

  3. It is great your blog !!!!!!!!!!!


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