Monday, January 24, 2011

Yumetenbo Shop Review & Jenay's Going Away Get-Together (*゜―゜)

Hello loves ❤ this is Mei!

I'm going to start off with Yumetenbo's Shop review and the second part of this post will be about Jenay's going away party. 

Sooo, I have VERY TINY FEET (*゜―゜) err.. depending on what kind of shoe it is, I range from a size 12 in kids size to a size 1 (;´д⊂) so when I look at shoes with my sister, I'm usually sitting around, crying in a little corner hahahaa.

But several months ago, I found something that made me very very happy:


Now, yes I have to agree that shipping is a butt, but if I can find shoes my size that don't look like really really childish shoes, then I'm willing to pay $17 for that shipping... no not really, but it was a Christmas gift, hahaha - I just got to pick it out.

It only took one week from the day that I ordered for it to arrive:

The material it's made of is delicate, and I'd already worn it out twice before I had taken these pictures. AND THERE ARE ALREADY SCUFF MARKS!! 

You'd think that because these are for children to wear anyways, they'd make it a bit more durable? No. So these boots are going to be reserved for special occasions/ for hangouts 「once in a while」

The chain on the boots are removable:

And they look like this without the bow and chain. 

Very pretty, yes, but I don't think I'll wear this to school. I tried it for a week, but it was too much of a hassle because I would always be worried about my scooter damaging it. It was also an inconvenience when I was riding my scooter because I would jump on my electric scooter, and sometimes, when I'm in a hurry, I'd be reckless and I would jump and go without checking to see if my heel is on the scooter. So... I was playing balancing games with my scooter when that happened.

This is how it looks on my feet. It fits!!! 19 cm... (>∇<;)
My room was messy (*゜―゜) I have to clean up!! So I used photoshop's magic dust to hide it.

Overall, I'm pleased with the speed of the delivery, but I HATE the price tag. The material is too delicate for me to consider wearing it for daily use 「school」 but it fits me and it's tres comfortable!

☆ Review over ☆


This weekend I hung out with a whole bunch of people I hadn't seen for a long time. One of our friends is moving six hours up north. Sooo, we all wanted to see each other again before she left. 

We met up at Round 1 「feels like I live there, doesn't it?」and did some purikura, then ate at BJ's.

Yalena and Jenay - I hadn't seen them since I left high school three years ago!

I can't believe they were doing this hahaha!

We snuck into the purikura booths to take two quick pictures for me to play with at home on photoshop, hahaha.

Jenay!!! Come visit us soon!!! ❤❤

It was so nice to see everyone together again! Hope we can do this again soon~

❤ Mei


  1. Ahhh~ It was so much fun ^.^ I love the editing you did in the booth pics! Very cute. We will definitely have to do it again.. maybe some place QUIETER, omg. Round 1 is great but is a horrible place for reunions. Too loud when everyone just wants to chill and talk and get up to speed. lolol.

    Will miss you all!

  2. Woah, those are children's shoes?! They look just as cute as the grown-up ones! xD They look really good with your MA*RS dress! ♥


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