Saturday, January 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Rina!

Yay! Yesterday was my burfday! (:

And we did... nothing special, because I feel like I'm getting older, and it's not an important age..(aka 21) so yea... :D but none the less, I did have fun.

Oh lookie! When it's your birthday, be sure to go on "Pictochat" on your DSlite! (:
It wishes you a happy birthday and when you turn it on, the jingle is a higher pitch.

Yay I bought these at Marukai Supermarket. (: at Cosmeland, the sales person told me that it had its own soap and cleansing thingy... NO! ITS A FREAKING EXPENSIVE KONNYAKU SPONGE!

Yes.. its a massage facewash sponge. (:

Diamond lashes. Lovely Eye.

Diamond lashes. Nudy eye.

Yay! My bed. and MY NEW STRAWBERRY MIRROR! (: Also bought from Marukai.

Getting ready to go shopping!

I wanted a picture of her hat... but if you look at the mirror, you'll see her face!



Yay for blur!

:D eating pom poms

My cake! mommy made it! But it wasn't really done yet.

Mei at Nordstroms chair...with my messy bag. D:

My loots!

Holister shorts!

Abercombie&Fitchkids shorts!

Rina and her beloved, Kinu!

Godiva Chocolate!

Top Chocolate case:

Opened Oyster, Tiramisu Truffle, Raspberry Star, Creme Brulee

Bottom Chocolate case:

Cherry Cordial, Raspberry Cordial

Yay! (:

We finished up our day at a friends house relaxing. (:




  1. I love diamond lash too~ >.< and you allways looks so cute!!!! love the pic!

  2. Awww, happy belated birthday, Rina!! And whatchu talkin' about? 21 is not old at all!! If you're old, then I wonder what that makes me.. D: You and your sis look so cute as usual, and holy shiz, your mom made that adorable cake?! *drools* xD

  3. Hahaha, she's just turned 19, she meant 21 is THE age she wants to be at, hahahaha. Thank you!! Our mum is an aspiring baker. She hopes to open a bakery someday~ ☆


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