Monday, January 10, 2011

ALA Convention

Hihi! Rina here!

Yes, I went to San Diego last Saturday... which was January 8th, 2011.
My boyfriend and I had such a blast there. (:

These were the couple buildings we saw on our drive over. (: It's a pretty scenery!

(: I betcha that if you squish these buildings together, they'd make like a semi circle. :D

I SEE THE CONVENTION! I'm not gonna lie, it felt like I was going in an airport.

They had real trolly's working! (: It's sooo cool.

We also stopped by the harbor too look at some yacht and silly old boats.

(: I think that was the hotel that had an elevator looking outwards towards the dock.

These were in front of the convention.

Kinu and I in the car. Haha. We look kinda retarded. ): He took it btw. :D

Yay! The GlassLamp! It's like an outdoor walking area. Full of restaurants.

It's suppose to say " Historic Heart Of San Diego"

More pretty walking places to see! :D

Yummm. (: We didn't eat there though. Haha!


We went to the Midwinter meeting.

On from January 7 - 11.

:D it's so blue! They had free food... like caaaaake.

Children's book!

This book... will be out.. I think between May - August.. I neeed it! It's so cute!

Oh my. Disney has comic books! :D

Yes David met is idol. He's soo cute! I love him! ( and no, I'm not talking about Beiber)

The FunKey Board. LOL! Get it? Get it? :D

I wasn't too sure what this was..

Playaway View.. Prettty amazing stuff. It's like an audio book.

Yes, more comic books.. Kinu was so interested in them.
Irredeemable: He was like a good guy and turned into the bad guy. He was like against Incorruptble. And Incorruptble was like the bad guy but turned into the good guy. Waaah! So confusing!

Lookie! We met Cat in the Hat!

Random comic books! Looks very... interesting. (:

Like I said, they had food!

Book posters!

The puzzle chairs are so adorable!

Earrings I got from David's mommy. It's like 92.5% silver dipped in 14k white gold. ): Yes it was pricey. My first pair of earrings.

This book is amazing. If you ever cross by this book during April 2011, please please PLEASE! Read it. Buy it. It's so inspirational.

These books were Free uncorrected Proof. and Not for Sale.

This one looked interesting..

:D can't wait to get my hands on this one! Heehee!

I'm currently reading this one. Very interesting..

We'll thats all from the convention. (: I'm not gonna liee! The convention was amazing!


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