Thursday, January 6, 2011

Meeting Old Friends and Buys

Heyy there~ Mei here (・w・)

It's always so nice to meet old friends. Especially if you've known them since middle school and haven't seen them for maybe 3 years. (=∇=;|||) Soooooo looooonnngggg

We went to Tamaya to eat!! 
Jaz and I decided to share the Kotteri Tonkotsu ramen because we had soooo much food from In n Out earlier. (°_。)

And we ordered the Green Tea Ice Cream float it was soooo gooooooddd. Decently priced too, I might add. I wanted to take pictures of the food, but I totaallly forgot because I wanted to just dig in and eat it. haaaahaaaaaaaa. SO! I took a picture of it when it was almost finished!

It was sooo goooooood

Say hi to my food baby. I name it Timmy

After we ate, we went to Will's place to see Misu. Will's taking care of it for Fiona while she's away.

Jaz and Will got it for her for her Birthday/Christmas present.

Cuuuute isn't it? It used to be 1/3 that size maybe two months or so ago. It grows sooooo fast.


I went after Christmas sale shopping with Rina and we both got Goji Berry and Mango Toner from Victoria's Secret 

I love the smell of this thing.

Hooray for pointless camwhore pics. 

I tried curling my hair differently yesterday because I wanted to try the mermaid hair style. It turned out great, but we were in a hurry so I didn't get to take a picture of it beforehand. I'll definitely try to post a good, clear picture of it the next time I try out.

Oh! And here is one of the covers I recorded while Ray was around several days ago.
I Remember - The Little Mermaid III

*sigh* I loove the litle mermaid ❤
I just updated my music section with more recent covers, so take a look if you would like. (・w・)

Until next time, ciao~
❤ Mei

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