Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Items Update!

Hello! Rina here! Updating on new things bought in different places. (:

Victoria's Secret make up!
From left to right: Gold School, Merry Metals, and Nightdust

Underwear garters from Victoria's Secret. (:
It has gold metal garters. Sexy!

My ear's finally pierced. Mei and I got them pierced.. together! (: Got them pierced at Claires.

The antiseptic that came with it.

Target buys! Target has Valentines stuff.. ALREADY!? This pillow... only for $2.50

Target buys! .... no. 2! At the dollar section for $1.00. I'm not gonna lie, it smells pretty good.

This is Hello Kitty Gachapon items! All of them got in 1 go. So I spent $6 for all 6! What luck huh? The capsule is reusable for a coin bank and inside the capsule, as you can see, you get a clear Hello Kitty phone charm! (: cute cute!

On to the things I bought from Yumetenbo .
Yes Mei and I have the same ones. Which just means... WE CAN BE TWINS!

Another item from Yumetenbo. (: For some reason you can't really see the colour well. ): But it's suppose to be pink.

Item bought from Rakuten. It's from the Dreamv store.

Just a picture of my bracelet from David. (: My wonderous boyfriend.

Thats my update for new items! Hopefully new stuff will be comming soon!


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