Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Buys! Item Update!

Hihi! Rina Here~

Updating you guys with new buys from the mall! (:

"i'm in the mood for scrub" - Bath and Body Works
"Foaming body buff with shea butter beads."

(: Extra facts about it: "Sea butter beads provide extra-rich mositure. Orange fruit extract soothes skin."

And it does make your skin feel cleaner and nicer onces you get out of the bathroom.
They're also having a buy 2 get 2 free. So all together, they're suppose to be over $100 but it's like kinda on sale. (: it's not too cheap though. ): BUT IT WORKS!

"there's the rub" - Bath and Body Works
"Salt glow with natural sea salt"

It's an exfoliating scrub.. so you use it once or twice a week.

Extra facts: Sea salt exfoliates. Eucalyptus cools and refreshes.
Caution: May make tub slippery.

Haha. I giggled at the caution notice. (; anyways, this one works just as well..but you feel a deeper cleansing. And not only that! If you lick your lips while you're using this, your lips will be salty. So it's like you are at the ocean!

"beauty queen wave" - Bath and Body Works
"moisturizing gel gloves"

It's so nice to use these. You can use it up to 40 times before you change it. And not only that, you can use it for one night for intensive moisture.

Couple earrings from Claires. I was thinking Mei might like these. (:

Yay for hoop earrings!

Since I couldn't find the gold with the 3 sizes, it was such a bummer. ):
At least I have the silver one.

Rose and Champagne. Bath water.. Well I do know you take a bath in it and sit there for a couple minutes.

Apple scent.

Q10 whitening lotion. Deep Moisture!

New shoes from Cotton On.
They were in the sale section, so it was like 10$

Sadly, I was hoping to find high heels,but these are cute too. I lost my brown knee high boot heels at my boyfriends.. I'm pretty sure its in one of his cars..

Anyways! That all for my update this time! See you next time!



  1. Hi rina :D
    Goodness, such a good haul of stuffs.. I really like the first pair of shoes (the one from Cotton On) it looks goregous and CHEAP! <33

  2. (: it is.. hehehe.

    I'm not gonna liee, they're pretty darn comfy.


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