Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lashes find!!

Hey loves~

Over this past week, I bought a couple of things for myself, so I just wanted to share some of them here~ ☆ミ

I went to Diamond Plaza with Rina the other day and went into Beauty Corner

Insiiide, I found this:

Mmmmmm delicious. 

I bought one of the Sweet ones and I bought this Dolly Wink pencil liner - but the liner was from another store in Yes Plaza.  

The liner, I bought it when I went out to hang out with Jaz ❤ we went to eat at Jazz Cat. HORRIBLE HORRRIIIBBLLLEEE SERVICE!! I almost died. We did not get our waters (note that it's only WATER) until 3/4 of our meal was done. It took us 5 times to ask them to get us our drinks (yes... we started counting). Then, they kept changing their credit card policy on us. One person said min. 10$ charge, and another one said no minimum charge. So it's like... come oooonnnnnnn. Restaurants are supposed to be able to function ESPECIALLY when they're busy. ESPECIALLY during meal-times.

So no picture from there. The only pictures I took was of my dessert that I bought from J.J's

Nummy looking right? It's actually just alright. Not something worth drooling over... but it looks pretty, right? ❤


Well, since today (err... actually yesterday) was international gyaru day, I took a picture for the event.

Used the new Sweet bottom lashes for this make-up as well as my new Dolly Wink pencil liner. ❤

Well, Happy International Gyaru Day! Hahaha

❤ Mei


  1. very nice pictures:D I want to have a mall like that in my hometown too! :O :D

  2. Sorry to hear about the bad service! But Im so glad you stay pretty hihih!!!

    Happy International gyaru day as well, keep pretty and sexy! agepoyo!!! ^_^

  3. Wow! You are so lucky ~ I haven't found a store where i live that stocks diamond lashes :(
    Sucks to hear about the horrible restaurant service! I hate when that happens.
    LOVE the gyaru look ^^~ Tutorial please??

  4. I'm going to make a trip out to SGV because of this now, lol They also sell the purple series at Marukai now :D I'm very excited!!

    Also you look super fabu <3

  5. Woo great find! Aww~ the other Jazz Cat location I've been to has had pretty good service from before. Boo that this place turned out to be so bad. =/

  6. When you mentioned Diamond Plaza, I keep thinking about the one in Irvine hahah.

    BUT, thanks for sharing :D I wasn't aware of this place's existence. It gives me ideas on where to shop for this summer! I think I might definitely might wait to buy lashes there rather than online like I always do. What other stores are around that area btw?

    Your look for the day is gorgeous. ^^

  7. awesome lashes! i wanna go there and buy some x]
    you look so pretty ;3;

  8. ☆ Churi: Thanks! I love this place, I mean some of their stuff is overpriced, but for the most part, they have stuff I'd like.

    ☆ Yapo: Hahaha, yeah I was disappointed about the service too. And thanks! ❤

    ☆ Jen: I know they also have Diamond Lashes in Marukai if you have any Marukai near you, heehee. And I'd love to make tutorials, but I'm tired of my camera and it taking away from the colors' vibrancy - so I'm just waiting for a decent camera to roll in the family.

    ☆ D-tan: Heehee thanks girl!! Seeing these lashes - it makes me happyy (゜∇゜)

    ☆ tiffy: Yeah, I was sad that the service was terrible.

    ☆ Alice: Haha, yeah there are 2 Diamond Plazas that I know of. I'm planning to show the other stores around here in my posts, so look out for that ъ(`―^)

    ☆ Julie: Thanks!~ Go do it! ❤


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