Sunday, July 3, 2011


Hi guys~ 

So, just yesterday I went to AM2 with my cousin, Kevin, and Rina. It was the most boooorriing convention evaarr! I don't think I really want to go again next year, even if it is free. You could walk around the whole convention in like 15 minutes (*゜―゜) and if you're actually looking at stuff, maybe 1-1.5 hour. We all walked around the shops, bought stuff, stood in line for food aaaand ate it -  and that took maybe 2 hours?

It was a disappointment but I took pictures anyways

Found Kyra! 

Then, right after, bumped into Julie, Kim, Ari, and I wasn't too sure who the other girl was. (>.<;)I just realized I pose the same way in all my pictures /fail. Please ignore (>∇<;)

I wasn't too keen on most of the cosplays there, but I found this cute Jane~ 

We didn't stay too long at the con, we went over to Costa Mesa and Westminster to hang out afterwards for the rest of the day.

Found these at Kinokuniya ❤ adorable aren't they?

Here's everyone chilling at the Westminster mall. We were all pretty tired from the day.

As you guys can see, I wore my green kimono that was sent to me from my aunt in Japan many years ago. Because of the horrible things lighting does to my camera though, you can't really see my make-up, so here it is

I bought some stuff from AM2, but I'll update that tomorrow. Anyways, sorry for the lack of updates, I had a crazy, crazy week full of dramas, interviews, job hunting, hair-dying, etc. (>∇<;) 

Hope all of you guys are having a good summer~ 
❤ Mei


  1. Ahh! I like Kinokuniya, haven't been to my one in a while though lol. (Often expensive..~_~) but the Kimono looks good ^^

  2. ☆ churi chan: Haha, thanks~ ❤

    ☆ sophie: Yeahhhhh kinokuniya does have expensive stuff (*゜―゜) but they're so cuute (>∇<;) and thanks~ ❤


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