Wednesday, June 22, 2011

☆ New Buys † Song Cover ☆

Hello loves~~

Soo, the other day, Rina and I woke up eaaarllyyy in the morning to attend summer school together~ we wanted to be in the same class, but the roster as well as the wait list was full. BUT we went anyways. So, 7  in the morning, went aaaalllll the way to Fullerton, and when we got there, we got lost searching for the class (>∇<;) neither one of us had ever been to the JC there for classes.

So when we finally got to the class, we noticed around 30-40 people standing outside the class. I thought it was a big classroom. Went in... there was only about 15-20 spaces. AND WE WEREN'T EVEN WAITLISTED. /fail so when the teacher said, " Okay, so looks like most people on the roster are here, so probably most of you waitlisted won't get in..." we just left. We weren't even ON the waitlist. blarwrghghhajoij.

So we ended up going to Irvine Spectrum Center for the day.... and took 3 hours to get there because we kept making Starbucks stops to check on direction.... because we kept getting lost.... (=∇=;|||)

Anyways, Rina has all the pictures from when we were there (I left my cell phone at home) (*´д`*)

Buuut!!! I did take pictures of the stuff I did get while I was there.

The swim top was only 5$ at H&M. They're having a 5$ sale there!! ❤❤

Then I got these two babies over at F21. That bracelet... just.... delicious. I had to (>∇<;)

OH!! And! When I got home, guess what I found waiting for me in the mail:




I gave it a test run and recorded a cover of Manatsu no Photograph, which you can listen to over yonder:

Click me~

So happyyy~~~

❤ Mei


  1. Aw, that sucks that you weren't able to get into the class. BOO. It's getting tougher and tougher to get classes at JCs...bleh. Irvine Spectrum is a nice consolation outing though. hehe.

    Great cover btw! You sound so cute. ^^ Love it.

  2. God I want that mic :O SO AWESOME!

  3. super cute item!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i need to go shooping even tho im saving!!!! look what chu did!!!! LOL

  4. ☆ tiffyama: Yeaahh!!! Makes me so sad (*゜―゜) I wanted to make my senior year easier by taking some classes this summer, but everything got filled so quickly. These students... they be space monsters. And yes!!! Irvine Spectrum (and the hilariously long ride there) was a great great greeat consolation. And thanks!! ❤ Glad you think so, haha

    ☆ Churi Chan: It's an awesome mic, it gets sooo addicting to use. Every chance I get, I use it and I squee haha (>∇<;)

    ☆ Michi: Thanks girrl!!!! OMG!! I went on a shopping withdrawal because I was saving up... and now - THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED (>∇<;) Go shop girl, go shop - we be splurge buddies, huhuhuhu

  5. Omg I love your bikini top! So cute, hehehe :D


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