Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sister † Date

Hey guys!~

So yesterday, I made the make-up tutorial for you guys~ so all I need to do now is put it together on Photoshop ъ(`―^) 

I decided to do an ochre/gold look (・w・) and when Rina came home, we decided to go take some purikura. I was craaaazzyyy rusty at taking purikura. It feels like it's been so long since we've done purikura. Anyways, I didn't take pictures of the purikura yet so I'll post those when I do.

Here's my make-up and outfit:

Aaaand here's Rina posing with Duffy in her Rilakkuma kigurumi. She just recently bought contacts, and the ones she's wearing are CP-A4

We went to B.J's for dinner where we chowed on clam chowder. (Haha lame puns (>∇<;))

This is my root beer~~ hahaha. 

Clam Chowder!! This is like my favorite soup in the woooorld. ❤

After B.J's we stalked Jaz, then went home and I cam-whored for a bit (>ω<;) soooo picture dump (>∇<;)

 Then, we finished our day with Mario Partyyyyyy!!!!! ☆ Hahaha, best way to end the day.

❤ Mei


  1. Awww you two look so cute and pretty. I love your outfit :)

  2. you two look soooo cute and adorable

  3. im still a little confuse but you guys look super pretty to me~ I'd love to have a kigurumi for myself too ^-^

  4. pretty pretty! Love how u did your eye makeup.

  5. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! u look super hot!!!!!!!! oh oh.. and i miss you like crazy!!!! :P

  6. Love your makeup! I wish I could make my eyes like that! :O

  7. It sounds like a fun day! Your outfit is SO cool, I have that belt too! But it doesn't look as good on me as it does on you XD

  8. ☆ Serenity Angel: Thank you (゜∇゜)

    ☆ Dreamer: Thanks dear~ ❤

    ☆ Yapo: Aw thanks (>∇<;) I think you should get a kigurumi~ they seem so comfortable. I want one for myself too (⌒~⌒;) but I have to get children's size.

    ☆ Mishi: Thank you~~

    ☆ Michi: Aww thanks love!! I miss you too!!! We need to plan a hang out.

    ☆ Churi Chan: Thanks love, I'll be putting together a tutorial for this, so hopefully I'll be able to get it up soon.

    ☆: Sara: It was fun! Thanks~ that belt is pretty awesome. Target!!! Hahaha, it's actually Rina's but I borrowed it from her (>∇<;) and I'm sure you could pull off that belt too, you seem to be able to pull off anything (°_。)


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