Friday, June 17, 2011


Sooo Rina and I went to Downtown Disney two days ago for kicks~~ 

We went to the very top of the parking structure where Rina circled the place TWICE. And everytime we went around, we had to go behind this massive line of cars. First time we went up, we sat behind the line waiting for an actual parking. However, Rina thought, " Know what? Screw this, we're parked too far, I'm going to be a butt and pretend I'm exiting then find a closer parking," 

So we left our parking spot to "leave" and had to go behind the line again. This time we told the parking directors that we were leaving. We actually thought of leaving and finding different parking, but then we passed the exit. /fail So we looked for more parking.

We couldn't find a place - we saw some, but thought there were more in the front. But noooo, none - so BACK BEHIND THE LINE Yaayyy~~ this time we actually parked. We thought of going around again, but decided against it. 

While we were circling the place/ in line, we decided to take some pictures

Me with Rina's Duffy. I wanted one sooooo badly

These are the F21 nails that I bought a few weeks ago. Pretttyyy aren't they? ❤

Me with Rina~ She's tanning and bleached her hair very very light.

Oh Duffy how much I love you ❤ 

Our dinner from the La Brea Cafe at Downtown Disney. Not as good as B.J's and much pricier (*´д`*)

We were in one of the stores and spotted this huuuuuuugggee Duffy. It was maybe a foot shorter than me (>∇<;) so I took a picture with it because it's pretty much as big as me.

I ended up getting a Duffy zip pouch ❤ he's so adorable. 


I'm too lazy to get the make-up tutorial done, hahaha. Some of the images that I took are just so bad that the colors aren't even really showing. (>.<;) So I'm not going to try to do anymore until I get a better camera. It's just always such a pain to edit and try to get the true colors back.

Anyways, have a good night~

❤ Mei


  1. You are both so cute :3 Disney is so great to spend good time.

    Rina looks good with her tan skin and her bleached hair. This light blonde really match with her face :)

  2. What a cute teddy bear! :3 wants it! :D Your nail art is SO cool :D


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