Sunday, June 5, 2011

Contacts Review ☆

Hey guys~ so lately, I've been feeling pretty.... well... blah.... for lack of a better word, hahaha.

My contacts expired and they were like my best friends. So I hadn't felt like dressing up and stuff, but!!! I just got my new ones in the mail, so I'm happy (>∇<;)

Purchased the Green Apple Bambi Lenses from Pinky Paradise

And, I used the code D-tan had given out in her Pinky Paradise review, so here's what was in my package:

Here it is on me in natural outdoor lighting.

With flash (my camera tends to give off a yellow hue when using flash): 

These are my eyes without contacts (or lashes) for reference: 

So yeah, the green can be pretty striking depending on the lighting around you. 

☆ Comfort: I love it! You have the occasional dryness, but compared to the Candy Magic brown lenses I had, these ones feel different. It feels less dry in my eyes and I think the thickness of the contacts is different as well. 

At first I thought they were thinner than the Candy Magic ones I had, but after several uses, I'm starting to think that they're thicker. I haven't looked up and compared the thicknesses though, so I can't say for sure.

☆ Design/ Color : Okay, so they're not exactly the most natural lenses you've ever seen, but I do dig the design. At first glance, I didn't think it would really show up on the eyes, but it does. I love love looove the tri-color thing they have going on. In the middle you see that they do have some yellow in the design that gradients to a green. This yellow helps the brown in my eyes transition to the green.

☆ Price: So over at Pinky Paradise, they're selling it for 23.90. Not bad, pretty good actually considering how comfortable it is for me.

☆ Shipping time: They stated 7-14 days for the cheapest shipping. Got mine in 7 days - so I'm happy and not complaining.

Something I do have to say though is that after I purchased my lenses, my order never showed up in my history of transactions in my Pinky Paradise account. So after three days of nothing there, I sent them two e-mails - why? Because I realized after I typed out the first one, I received a failure to deliver notice in my mailbox. Tried it again, (this time I actually waited to check if it went through) nada. Didn't go through. 

So yeah, I scrapped the idea of contacting them through their facebook page. Got back to me in like 10 minutes, gave me my tracking number, etc. BUT I still didn't have it in my previous orders. Whatever. The package came. Now that it's here, the transaction history shows up, hahaha. Nothing big, but just thought I'd like to let you guys know in case this happens to any of you. Don't freak out like I did.

Well, that's all for now~ 
❤ Mei


  1. The green looks really beautiful on you.. gyaru look for sure. haha I also bought my circle lenses from pinky paradies too. I never tried green though, perhaps next time I'll buy them too!

  2. Omg, they look so good on you!! Just as pretty as Tsubasa! ^__^ But your natural eyes look so pretty too~ ♥

  3. Beautifull on you :3

  4. oh my god! Loved the color on them! Suits you well :D

  5. I knew the green ones were going to look gorgeous on you!! Also thanks for using my PinkyParadise coupon :D <3

  6. ☆ Mishi: Thank you~~ yes! You should try the green ones - these ones are gorgeous ❤

    ☆ Tricia: Aw thanks girl!! I tend to get mistaken as a kid without make-up on my eyes (>∇<;)

    ☆ Isa: Thank you girl~ ❤

    ☆ Churi Chan: Thank you! Yeah, I decided to go for a more dramatic change.

    ☆ D~tan: Awh, thanks! Hahaha and thank you for your coupon, girl! ☆ミ


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