Thursday, June 23, 2011

Karaoke @ Round 1!~

Hey dears,

So, the other day I went to Round 1 to hang out with a bunch of old friends I hadn't seen before. I had a lot of time before hanging out to get ready so I played with my hair and this was what I got:

I followed directions from here hahah:

I figured that since it would be cold at night, though - I changed into comfier clothes with longer sleeves.

I was meeting a few of my friends who just graduated from my high school. We all used to do drama stuff together~ hahaha. It was great seeing them again.

We had so much funnnn!!!

Later, we took some purikura~

Had looaddss of fun

❤ Mei


  1. I love the way your hair turned out, super cute with the MA*RS dress! Karaoke always looks like such fun then I remember how bad I am at singing...TT

  2. Your hair is so fantastic! :O Love it <3


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