Sunday, March 20, 2011

Week update ❤

Hello loves~ this is Mei,

It has been a while since I've posted (°_。) been busy. Well, last week, I had my junior recital - it went pretty well I think, hahahaha. Usually when I rehearsed, I'd normally have a slip up somewhere but the actual recital flowed seamlessly, which was great! 

Here's my dress, I forgot to take a picture of it while standing up actually...

I realized after the recital that I like the hair better when it's down. Oh well.

Grace wasn't able to make it to the recital so she brought some Macarons for me with a card ❤❤ so sweet.

From Bottega Louis. There was a green one too but I forgot to take a picture and ate it, hahahaha 

It was the first time I had ever had Macarons. It was so goooddddd~~~ the pink one was rose flavored with a smooth buttercream filling. It was great, loved it so much. 


This past weekend, I hung out with a whole bunch of people. Soooo, Saturday, we went to Macaroni Grill and Round 1 with two of Jaz's friends from school. They've never been to Macaroni Grill and Round 1 so we decided to take them there. 

Here's Tammy and Jaz

Will and Gene

Kevin and Oppa (Josh)

My crab stuffed mushrooms. They tasted...... not too great that night. The cream sauce was watery, the stuffing was dry and the flavor was bland. Definitely not a great night for crab stuffed mushrooms.

The Panna Cotta however.... was DELICIOUS!! ❤❤ Loved every single bite of it. Totally made up for the mushrooms.

After, we went to Round 1 and found these babies:

Yeah, looks easy? HELL NO! These buggers are freaking hard to get like this. Either that or we just suck. 

There was this couple that watched Jaz and Will the WHOLE time they were trying. They spent like a good 50 bucks or so trying to get that thing and they finally gave up. Then this couple tried it, got it, and flaunted it around while conspicuously following our group. Needless to say, Jaz was pretty seethed. 

I mean, EVERY AREA WE WENT TO. SERIOUSLY?!! (=∇=;|||) 
Even when we exited the building towards the parking lot. A good two minutes later, they emerged from the exit and walked RIGHT past our group. We all kind of just wanted to mob them.

Aside from Rilakkuma, there are also these other babies:

You see the pink one in between all the blue ones? The light pink one? IT'S ADORABLE!!!! ❤❤

My outfit for the night:


The next night, we went over to Jaz's for dinner. Dishes were mainly prepared by Oppa and Jaz. Both are awesome cooks. Oppa is like master chef, hahaha. 

Sab and Robert, aren't they cute? ❤(●´―`●)

Oppa made creme brulee and garnished it so beautifully.

I look so tired, hahaha (>∇<;)

With tiff~~

The Big 2-ers. Jaz looked away, hahahaha

After, we played Mafia which was pretty hilariously epic because of the settings we chose. Townsville and UCLA (post Alexandra Wallace) so there were a lot of hilarious jokes made during the round correlated to that video. 

Hope you guys have a great rest of the day~~ ❤

❤ Mei


  1. glad to hear your recital went well :)

  2. Glad your recital went well!!! post all this food... and now i want some v.v WHYYYYY everything looks so good....

  3. You are very beautiful in these photos ^^


  4. You look absolutely stunning in both your recital dress and your outfit for going out!! I really wish I could've watched your performance, though. T__T Perhaps next time! ♥

    And wow, what a douchey couple. ~__~

  5. OMG!!!!!!!! you look soooooooooooooooo cute in every pic!!!!! I hate chu!!! lol j/K ;P you know i love you! anyways u look super lovely in every pic!

  6. ☆ Serenity: Yeah, I was actually pretty worried about it, but I'm glad it went by smoothly.

    ☆ Mie: Thanks love ❤. YESS!! The food was awessooomeeee!!!

    ☆ Kumi: Thank you dear~

    ☆ Tricia: Aww thanks, I have my senior recital next spring~ so you can come to that one if you'd like ❤. And yeah, that couple. We mentally pulled our pitchforks on them.

    ☆ Michi: Thanks lovee~~!!


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