Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hair Tutorials and Mie's Giveaway

Hi guys this is Mei~~~

Sooo, sometimes I have trouble figuring out how to style my hair, and when I go online. I have a hard time looking for gal hair style tutorials that I already haven't seen before. 

So I would like to help you guys out with a link!

Here are a few examples of the finished hairstyles.

This is my favorite, the mermaid half up style. 

She provides step by step tutorials with pictures, and even though it's in Japanese, I find that the pictures are helpful (but then I do read and understand a little, little, liiiitttlleee bit of Japanese, so if you can read, it will help very much!!)

I'll help you guys navigate through the site.  

The first link: コテの選び方 and the bullet below it is  information about the types of curling irons.
I think the one below it is basic hair techniques. (基本的な巻き方)

Then, the section below it has the tutorials (挑戦!!ヘアアレンジ)

The first bullet point is "Up Hair" or Up-dos I believe. 
The Second bullet point is "Half Up" or hair styles (like the mermaid hair) that are... well... half up! (>∇<;)
Then, the last bullet is uhhh, I can't read this, hahaha but they're basically fluffier styles. (I think, correct me if I'm wrong)

The link below that one has pictures to a variety of hair accessories. (ヘアピン•ヘアアクセス)

I don't really check out the other links, because the ones I listed above are mainly the ones I use for tutorials and suchness.
So, I hope you guys find this useful at least to some degree, haha!! (´・ω・`)


and I would love to turn your attention to Mie's ME! Bath giveaway~ ☆ミ

She is giving away one of their Green Tea Ice Cream Bath bomb 

I think this picture is a chocolate one, but she will be giving away the green tea one. So visit her here and check out how to enter!! ❤

Have a great night loves~ ❤ Mei


  1. Woah, how did you find this?? It's so helpful! Thanks so much for sharing! ^__^ ♥

  2. looks awesome !

  3. Awesome hair styles~ !! I especially like the middle one. ^v^ And also, I'm a new follower wohoo~ x3


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