Friday, March 18, 2011

Problematic Hair.

Hi beautiful gal and guys!
Rina Here!

Having a hard time with super frizzy, retarded, over dyed, damaged, dry hair?

VOILA! My boyfriend's mum recommended VO5 Hot Oil treatments!

She said my hair was sooo unhealthy at the ends. So damaged. And SO!

We went to buy these at CVS. :D Since I couldn't find them at Target.

I also bought:

You leave them on for like 5 minutes. Like it's kinda stinky though. Not a bad stinky..

Like honey? I don't know.. But! It makes your hair UBER soft.(Oh no my nerd-ness typing)

This one is weird. You leave it on for the whole night, hence the name Overnight Repair Treatment. Hehehe. It's stinky as well, but I don't really see a difference when I wake up.

Oh Dove. I love Dove. It smells pretty and the after effects... Are just wonderful. It's like super soft-ness in the hair. I just love it.

Anyways, to all you gals that dye your hair, keep them healthy and strong!





  1. I have some deep treatment and hair lotion, but I need to use something stronger I think haha. I will try the hot oil XD

  2. :D i think it takes time for it to make your hair soft. My hair has a little bit of some improvement. (:


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