Saturday, March 12, 2011

Look Update!


(: Sorry I've been so inactive. Work is a killer.

Anyways, during my evil busy days, I decided to go to Target to buy hair dye!

I knoww! My hair's all fuzzy wuzzy. D: I've been dying it within 2 week spans. So yes, my hair is super duper retarded and ... yeaa. haha

Anyways on to my new

I used a Feria: Black.. it suppose to have a hint of violet.. BUUUT under my lights..

you cannot seee it! D:

And i was using this super cool device on:

HelloKittyOnline. I'm not sure if I'm going to start playing it, but it's super coolie.

creepy. ): super creepy. I look kinda emo. D:

And finally my last picture. Sadly I was in hobo pajamas.

(: So anyways. I hope to update soon!




  1. hey rina!

    you and mei have a really cool blog. and your hair color looks great on you.

    are loreal fiera hairdyes on sale? I must go and get some. I've been wanting to dye my hair also.

  2. Aww, HK cuteness! ^__^
    Love your hair colour~ Can't really see the violet in it, but I guess like all other hair colouring, you only truly see the colour under the sun. X)

  3. awww cute pic honey!!!!! I love that HK frame~

  4. @yumiko: noo Feria aren't on sale. ): I was hoping it was. hehe.

    @melissy: ): I know I was kinda sad that the poor cam quality didn't get my violet-ness. (:

    @michi: :D thankies!

  5. every time I play hello kitty online I always get logged out and it doesn't save =( loving the new hair colour btw!

  6. aww the color is really cute! I love your hair by the way. Wish my hair could be like that hehe


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