Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Melliesh Lip Gloss & Spring Heart Brow Pencil Review

Hello loves, this is Mei~ ❤

Wow yeah, school is taking over my life (*゜―゜) I apologize for the lack of updates. And I'm honestly not too sure what Rina's been up to (б.б) 

Anyways, waaay happy be-lated Chinese New Year (>∇<;) hope everyone had good food and plenty of hong bao, hahaha. 

Well, this past week I went to Marukai and found these two pretty things:

Melliesh Lip Gloss in Honey Apricot 「ハニーアプリコット」
And Spring Heart in Light Brown 「ライトブラウン」

The Melliesh Lip Gloss is actually pretty similar to the Super Quick Gloss that I did a review on earlier. Consistency, texture, coverage. 

The difference with the Melliesh Lip Gloss is that for some reason, it's very very reflective. So yeah, SHINY LIPS!~ The color is very very pretty, I love it. 

The Spring Heart Brow Pencil is actually the first brow pencil I've ever owned. But the color is actually a lot lighter than I thought it would be, which was great because I thought this color was actually going to be too dark. 

It goes on smoothly and blends well too. I've actually used this to contour my nose and I think it works pretty well. 

Pictures below show me using both products.

Terrible lighting, but you can see the reflective qualities of the gloss and you can also see how the brow pencil can also be used to contour. It blends well (・w・)


Well, I have two tutorials finished. I'm going to edit them and put them together, then I'll post it here for all of you~ ❤

Ciao ❤ Mei


  1. omg love the gloss! looks cute!

  2. OMG I love spring heart eyebrow pencil! It works so nicely and it's so cheap too!

    Love the melliesh on you! That's my favorite it actually lasts so long ah!

  3. Lovely! I need to buy a new brow pencil... Maybe it's time to try a new one! Next time I'm in Marukai, I'll see if I can find the spring heart pencil too. ^__^ The lip gloss looks great on you, btw! ♥


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