Sunday, February 27, 2011

Photo Shoot!!

Hey guys, this is Mei!~~ ❤

So, because I'm a vocal major, I have to put on a 30 minute Junior Recital filled with classical goodness. To advertise my recital, I'm supposed to make a poster. SOOOOO, I had a small photo shoot today!!~~

I borrowed Lehrick's beautiful SLR camera. Not sure what kind it is.... he TAPED every sort of label (even the ones that tell you the modes, options, etc) to avoid brand bias among other people. Anyways, he had his whole umbrella and flash stuufff, legiiitttttt.

So, I found one photo I liked and edited it for poster use. What do you guys think?

Photo is taken by Lehrick. The overexposure effect was not a result of me playing with photoshop 
(゜Д゜) it was alll the equipment. There's no writing or anything on it yet. Just the basic design of the poster.

Afterwards, Rina and I had our own little PAJAMA SHOOT!! Hahaha. This was actually done because we had taken a pajama shoot a LOONG time ago... maybe in like middle school? So, this was done in light of the old shoot we had. There were so many photos and a lot of them turned out blurry, so I just picked out a few to share. We couldn't fix the setting back to normal lighting (I found out later that all I had to do was adjust the shutter speed) so they're all pretty overexposed, hahaha.

Enjoy the pictures~:

Present for our lovers!!! ❤


Kimmie Girl's DecoDen Giveaway!!~~

For all of you Deco crazy gals, here's a giveaway just for you!!

Kimmie is giving away decoden and nails for her 100th follower giveaway~~
The giveaway consists of:

☆ Sweets decoden
☆ Lollies decoden
☆ Cake decoden
☆ Flowers decoden
☆ Ribbon decoden
☆ Gold and Silver decoden
☆ Strawberry decoden
☆ 1 bear and 1 rabbit tiny teddy
☆ 3 sets of handmade nails.

You can find the post here.

❤ Mei


  1. I like the poster you've chosen. It's very angelic and sweet. And the heart-cushion picture with Rina looks good too!

  2. Dude in your photoshoot photo, you look like a legit Asian pop idol. Like.. way too flawless.

  3. The photos came out so lovely! You look beautiful!

  4. Aww you two are so cute! I really love how the pictures turned out actually. The picture you chose for the poster is totally perfect. :)

  5. Oh my gosh~ You two are so adorable! <3
    I love the poster! ^^''

  6. OMG!!!! this is wayyyy too cute honey! i love the picture! You both came out soooo damn CUTE! *3*

  7. ☆ Sophie: Thanks loveee!!~~~ I actually took more photos yesterday and I might post them here because I need help deciding ヽ(;´д`)ノ

    ☆ Mie: Hahahaha!! Thanks Mie!! Dude, I haven't seen you in soo looong (*゜―゜) can we hang out sooon?

    ☆ Saramari: Awh ❤ thanks loove!!

    ☆ Dolly: Awwww thank you!!! It was so fun taking pictures together! Like 90% of the photos were of us messing around and being total idiots, hahaha!!

    ☆ Junjun: Thanks Junjun!!!! And thanks for dropping by!! It's so nice to see you here~~

    ☆ Michi: Awwhhh, thaaanks Michii!!! WE NEED TO PURI AGAIIIN!!!!!!!

  8. What a cute photoshoot!! XD
    My favourite is the first photo though~
    Looks like a Japanese album cover or something awesome like that ahaaa~ ♥


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