Sunday, February 13, 2011

Love Buys! & San Diego 100th Anniversary Parade of Flight

Wooo! Valentines Day is tomorrow! Excitement!

Sorry for not updating lately. I've been preoccupied by watching movies. ):
So I'll make it up. Hehehe. I've a couple reviews to do on some of the bath powders as well. So that'll be the last things I talk about in this post.


Palty Hair Bleach. Yay! My hair ended up orange-ish so meh. ): But I'll be redying it on valentines day early in the morning to Palty's Milk Tea colour. I know it's unhealthy to be dying your hair within one week, but I seriously can't deal with my orange-yellowish colour.

Here we have..from what they say skin whitening bath powders. It's actually.. I think.. a deep cleansing. Like lifting the dead cells. I tried the one on the right and it smells so yummy!! I just love it.

A clear clip board. It's doing 2 jobs for me. A laptop table... since my laptop is actually a pink net book as well as being a normal clip board. (: so it works out so well.

Isn't it puuurdy. hahaha.

A-Plus pens from Korea. I love this brand so much. It's like a thin write.

Bahaha. Rilakkuma! note book. I just found out today that they sold the HUUUGE Rilakkuma at Morning Glory yesterday. >: I wanted it. But they'll restock soon.. ): or so they saay.

Guess accessories! I'm actually not sure if its nickel free. >:

That's prettty much it for my recent buys. (:

- - - - -

San Diego Naval Aviation Show!

Woo. Man was it crowded. Traffic EVERYWHERE!

Okay honestly, we were so bored.. I ended up taking random pictures of EVERYTHING!
One example: My boyfriend belt. Hahaha.

It's not flying. >: its just being held up by a pillar thingy.

GAH! Orange hair. Yes it's a terrible shot. and I'm not all dressed up: no lashes, beautiful make up, pretty hair, contacts. >: such a mess.

This was the gate we had to go through. For some reason, the camera was focusing on something else. >:

Oh yess! Do you see it? I see it. :D and no they're not geese. It's actually air planes!

Just some pictures of the air planes on base. I think it's the Navy's bases' first time to let the public in. So it was nice.

The foodies we ate: Brats. Hahahaha! Actually, it was more like sausages. So it wasn't too tasty.

There was more and we were able to experience going in the planes.

During this trip, I learned a couple of things:

1. Plan ahead.
2. Be ready for the long ride.
3. Sleep earlier.

Yea, most of the day we spent in traffic. There was so many cars. >: we were approximately in the car for like a good 6 hours and then we went off and enjoyed the show for like 1 hour or so and back into the car we go. So yea. But my boyfriend and I slept most of the way in traffic. SO it wasn't THAT bad. (:

- - - - -


Orange Splash: It feels sooo nice when you get it and when you get out, you're skin feels extremely soft. The only thing that bugs me is the smell. I'm not a big fan. It doesn't really have a nice orange smell. And the water turns out a murky gray.

Soda scent: It's like showering in Ramune! But without the sticky-ness. It doesnt really feel like theres anything different when you get out. I only enjoyed the crackling noise and the smell. (: But other than that, it left my skin like when you use an Irish Spring soap.

Rose Champagne: Oh my. Wonders. That is all. BUY IT!

Juicy Apple: ... Same. Beautiful. Wonderful. BUY IT!

Milk and Honey: This one concentrates on moisturizing. It's really nice and it smells wonderful. It has this goo affect. So it kinda freaked me out, But when you get out of the bath, you feel so smooth. (:

This review is from my point of view, so it might work differently on your skin and what not. Or you prefer this more than that. Hahaha. But they all work real nice. So I like it.

I recommend the Juicy Apple, Rose Champagne, and Milk&Honey.

Hehe. We'll I'm off for now!




  1. All those bath powders have such cute packaging! :3

  2. Oh some are worth the buy. like NO JOKE. (:


  3. Everything is so cute!! ♥ I like how you can see Rilakkuma through your pink clipboard. :3


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