Thursday, February 24, 2011

Market time!

Helloo! Rina here! Ugh, I've been a little bit under the weather and working.

So sorry for not posting a lot. ): But here's a new update on some grocery buys.

Instant noodles! For work.. hahaha. (:

Oh goodness. These are so yummy. You can buy it at Disneyland, but an alternative place to buy it at is at CostCo. Yay!

Kinu's been depriving me of sweets since he keeps telling me I have to cut down on sugar. So, since he'll be at Tuscan during the week, and I'm not in my good mood week, I get to stock up on sweeties! :D

Yay! Cheeseballs.

I didn't think this would taste as great, but.. IT'S MUCHO YUMMIES!

Pads...I think this one has like some softening agent... to make your bottom softer.. :o

And for all you Tsubasa Masuwaka fans, she has her own pad line!

That all! I'll put some reviews up soon on my old stuffies and of course, the new pads i bought. (:




  1. Ooh, so many yummy snacks! I hope you feel better soon, Rina!!

  2. Oh those Bourbon cookies, they are good. I first tried them with my 4th bf in San Diego. Luckily I can't get them easily here in MN XD

    The infamous Tsubasa pads!! haha

  3. Your Blog is so cool !
    i love it.
    yoour so beautiful

    i am a new reader : D

  4. Tricia:Thanks Tricia!

    さらまり:I know those cookies are super yummy-ness! :D oooh have you ever thought of buying it online? (:

    Sophie: I MISHU! >:

    Suzu: (: thank you so much! and welcome to our blog! I hope you like it here!! <3


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