Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

Hi hi! Rina here!

Happy Valentines Day! I hope you all had a wonderful/sex-tastic time with your loved one!

I went to Disneyland for Valentines Day! Our original plan was to go to Wild Animal Park Zoo at San Diego, but I took too long to get ready so thats why we went to Disneyland Park instead.

Here's my look update! Yay. I know plain. >:

It's kinda blurry but.. It has a kinda whole body shot. Haha.



My beautiful David Chan holding my make up bag... that has like almost everything I need in there.

Yay! Disneyland Park Tickets. The prices raised like so much... ):

Kinda makes me sad.

And during the line, I took a picture of his belt. But this belt is like SUPER interesting.

Its a beer opener, a screw, and the screw.. for like the one line and yeaa... hahaha. I'm always fascinated when he uses it.

Yay! for fail pictures! I took too many like that... so I'll just post one.. out of.. ehehe. :D
It was focusing on the chains. Stupid Camera.

Yay! Mickey Mouse flower patch!

And Kinu! Lucky butt. He got the train. Like part of it.

Main Street at Disneyland.

I love the Penny Arcade. They have the connected candy store there.


We waited in line for an upgrade for an annual pass.

He was holding my belly and there's my frizzy hair.

Okay honestly, I was trying to do those professional pictures. Blurry background and focused on something in the middle.

And So we upgraded mine to a SoCal. We were thinking SoCal Select... but eh..

:D I guess it was my Valentines gift from my loviee.

On our way to The Golden Horseshoe.

Todays show was Billy Hill Hillbillies.

The two workers there on the left were doing sign languages according to the story.


The guy playing the bass.. err.. cello? Whatever. He kinda looked like the guy that played Mr.Bean.

And we went on Mark Twain! My very first time!

And as "Mark Twain" reached the dock, IT WAS A PIRATE SHIP!

I was so looking forward to go on Mark Twain. But the Pirate ship was nice too.

The inner quarters were so dark, my pictures are kinda blurry.

I don't know why I didn't think of flash...

That's the what used to be Hungry Bears. Don't know what it'll be now.

Yay, Tom Sawyers Island.

Beaver home. and MOOOSEEEE.

More of Tom Sawyers Island, which is now Pirate Isle.

David's and my feeties!

Pirates of the Caribbean.

And Davy Jones!

This was infront of Haunted Mansion.

I think it's kinda new.

But yea. Kinu and I just realized that the doors in the ride were making newer noises.. or it might just be that we haven't been here for a good 2 months. Haha.

It was a great day. Not too crowded.

New things coming up: Ariel's Grotto and Cars in Disney California.

And this year we will have 3 new locations to land for Star Tours. November 2011.





  1. yay for disneyland! I miss USA. :( Some (well, most!) of your pics are new to me, I didn't see those attractions :o very cool. Hope you had a good time and day!

  2. Awww, you went to Disneyland!! xD Too cute!! Your outfit is adorable too~ ♥

  3. Wait 0.0 is that haircolour new since I last saw you~? Your Disneyland photos look funnnn ~~~

  4. <3 hehe. yeaa I did re dye my hair like a week later after I bleached it to milk tea brown.

    Disneyland was fantabulous!


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