Sunday, December 12, 2010

Vocal Juries and Lashes ❤

Hey there~ it's Mei~

I just finished my vocal juries for the semester. WHOO!! Two different vocal juries is pretty stressing, but I feel pretty accomplished. 

Anywhoo I've just bought Tsubasa's Dolly Wink 01: Dolly Sweet

It is RIDICULOUSLY LONG!! But I love love looove it
I wore it today:

Took the picture like at the veeery end of the day - and please excuse the brows, I'm in the last two weeks of school, hahaha. So tiredness. (>∇<;)
I decided to go for a Kuromi influenced look ❤

You can see that the lashes flare out really nicely at the ends. It barely fits my lashline. The lashes are extremely soft and give off a very natural feel while still giving off a subtly dramatic look. 


☆ Chanel pencil liner
☆ Lancome 4 Style palette in Peep, Drama, and that brown 4style palette
☆ MAC shadow: Mythology
☆ MAC lashes #16
☆ Dolly Wink lashes 01 - Dolly Sweet
☆ Lens: Candy Magic Brown (from
☆ MAC brow gel - boy girl
☆ MAC Skinfinish - Perfect Topping (highlight)

☆ MAC concealer
☆ MAC blush - Well-Dressed Satin Powder Blush
☆ MAC Skinfinish - Perfect Topping (highlight)

☆ MAC concealer
☆ MAC blush - Well-Dressed Satin Powder Blush
☆ Beauty Rush Lip Gloss - Grapefruit Blast

Yeah, for my lips, I mixed a bit of the blush with the gloss. I'm not sure if that's harmful, so don't take my word for it.


Well, while I have lashes on my mind, here are some on my wish list:

Jewerich, oohhh goodness, how beautifully dramatic they look. I would love love loove to try a pair. The length of the lashes is wonderful and from what I've seen in several pictures, they pass the double lid - which is something I want my lashes to do. So someday, I hope to get my hands on that.

You know? I used to HATE these. I used to think these were so tacky. But... I fell victim... to this model... and fell in love with it. I've no clue why, but yes I want ❤


Well, finals week is this coming week, so ... I AM SO READY!! No, not really, but I am ready for a good break from school and the stresses that come with it.

Until then~ Ciao
❤ Mei


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