Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy Shopping & Happy Holidays

Hihi! Rina here! Updating on after Christmas sales...well some. And goodies bought after Christmas!

For some reason.. this picture is right side up on my laptop but loads all weird here. ):
It's a Sexy Little Things Victoria's Secret bra. Great Push up bra for ANY occasion.

Sexy Little Things Victoria's Secret Skirt Thong. Yes both bought separately. It so adorable. (: I had to buy it.

Hello Kitty table from Cosmeland. For only $45 + tax. It's pretty big but short. So it's like a mini big table? Hahaha.

Sexy Little Thing's Victoria's Secret Bra. Just like the other bra, it's good for a push up bra. (: And right now, they're having the Semi Annual Sale and a promotion on bras: Buy 1 get 1 50% off on regular priced bras.

Goji Berry & Mango VS. This is the body mist. "Revitalizes and Tones" :D I'm guessing it's a body mist toner. Also on sale for 75% off at Victoria's Secret.

Goji Berry & Mango VS. A hydrating body lotion. 75% off as well. Good pricing! I love after Christmas sales. Selected perfumes and Christmas items are on sale there too!

Madhya White. It's a body whitening gel.
Item Description: "Please use this gel on
the nipple, hips and
You get the bright and
white skin on
these parts.
It's a magic and your
dream come true."

Bought at Cosmeland.
Let's hope the results are good. :D

Wishing You Happy Shopping and Happy Holiday's!



  1. Omg, that underwear set is WAY cute! *__* ♥ My boyfriend actually got me a Miraculous Bra from VS for Christmas, and it does wonders! xD

  2. Just started following your blog! Such cute buys!

  3. ☆ Tricia: I knooww they're adorable aren't they? I would love a set too, hahaha.

    ☆ Emy: Thank you for following our blog~! ❤


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