Monday, December 27, 2010


Merrryyy ~belated~ Christmas, hahaha!

Hopefully everyone had a wonderful wonderful Christmas~~ 

We had Christmas with both sides of our families 「our parents are separated」

Soo In the morning and afternoon, we celebrated at home with our mum, stepdad, and baby sister ❤ then - in the evening, we celebrated with our dad and grandparents and everyone else on our dad's side of the family (・w・)

It had been so long since we've seen our cousins and aunts and uncles on our dad's side. So we took lots of pictures for memories ❤

Our cousins are censored out of respect and for security (⌒~⌒)

Oh no! Bunny ears!!!

Rina and Kinu 

They are so adorable ❤❤

This chocolate is so gooood!! (・◇・)

❤ Mei & Rina


Mei here,

I went out with Kevin today and found this mocomoco mickey mouse ear hat!!  So I had to buy it! Hahaha. Oh! I dyed my hair the other day. Rina wrapped up a box of Palty hair dye for me in Milk Tea Brown. I love love love the color. 

Since I had my hair blonde before, it gave my hair an ashy brown color. But on the top where I have my roots growing, it's more of a dark ash brown color. 

It even has the pom poms!

And it matches my leopard onepiece, hahaha. But I think it's too much leopard for one outfit.


On a side note, I just found out a week ago that Rakuten ships internationally now! /fail Not sure how long its been doing that before I realized it.

A lot of the things found in Makiko's Yumetenbo Shop can be found in Rakuten's Dreamv Store. Some of the prices are much cheaper in the Dreamv Store than in Makiko's Yumetenbo Shop, even including shipping - but it depends on what items. Some are same priced - so I'll say check both. 

Anyways, I went to Star Couture today and found this skirt and jacket set ~in pink with black lace~ for 40$

☆ image taken from dreamv store.

In the Dreamv store, I found it for 1,480¥. Which, when converted to USD is 17.91.
Now, I live in Cali, so shipping I'm estimating between 1200-1500円. You end up saving a few bucks, and for a gal who's always looking to save a couple of bucks, this makes me happy. 

Until then, 
Ciao ❤ Mei


  1. Merry Christmas!!!
    You really cute with the hat ^^

  2. Merry Christmas, Mei and Rina! ^__^ You look so adorable in that leopard Mickey hat! ♥ And I'm sooo happy that Makiko opened a Yumetenbo shop!! Since their items are usually cheaper than brand stuff, and they're still really cute! If only shipping didn't cost so much... U.U

    Did you gals change your layout, btw? 'Cause it looks great! ♥

  3. ☆ Aiko: Merry Christmas to you too, dear~! Thank you~ (・w・)❤

    ☆ Tricia: Aw thank you! Merry Christmas to you too~. I'm such a kid, I still obsess over Disney ❤❤ so when I saw it for 15$ I squealed for joy.

    Yeah, Makiko opened a Yumetenbo shop, but it's more expensive than Rakuten's Dreamv shop, even with shipping. I know what you mean though about the prices, and it makes it all the worse during the winter time since with all this Christmas shopping, I'm seriously going broke.

    Yep, I decided we needed a new layout so I took my inspiration from the little clock gadget on the side and made it based off of that. (・w・)


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