Wednesday, December 22, 2010

☆Holiday Hot Mess☆

Mei and Rina are reporting in together for once!!! Ahh!!! Miracle!! 

We went over to Royal-T Cafe last night to attend Diamond's Holiday Hot Mess party (・w・). It was so nice to see old friends and meet new people ❤

When we first got there, we had trouble finding parking. It was so obscurely hidden behind the venue (*´д`*) it's a good thing we found parking behind one of the buildings, because when we left to go home, it was POUURRINGGG!!! (°_。) 


When we got in, the guy at the front asked us if we had ID on us to check if we were over 21. We all freaked out and thought that we had to be 21 to attend the party. /fail. Then he cleared it up for us later by letting us know that it was only to check if we were allowed to buy alcohol. (>∇<;)

The two of us ordered green tea and red velvet cupcakes 「The cupcakes were AWEEESOOMEE!!! ❤❤」and went on over to the back to join the rest of the party. Here are some of the pictures we had taken (゜∇゜)


Don't know what these guys were but it was cute! (・◇・)


Mei & Rina

Dean and Kevin. There's a cosplay America booth behind the boys.


Why was it broken? (*゜―゜) 

The tea was goood.

The red velvet was mouth-watering.

They probably had some type of sweet cream cheese frosting on the top. It was seriously amaaazing.

With Michi and Val~! They're always so stylish and gorgeous!

Melting blobs on the wall with faces!!! (゜∇゜)

Blurry pic fail

But it's okay!! Because we have a better one! Here's Mei with D-Tan. She's so sweet!! ❤

Mei with Kevin


Miee!! This girl is always so gorgeous. Love the teal dress. 

With Kim, Julie, and Sandy (Sandie? (°_。) ). They're so sweet, love them!

With Tricia!! 
Mei: I didn't realize I added her on facebook and met her at the Halloween Party. (*゜―゜) Makes me sad!!! I love to try remembering the people I meet. I remembered her face, but I wasn't sure if I'd already met her. (*´д`*) She was really sweet about it though, hahaha. Me and my tendency to forget... I swear I'm like coming down with a case of early Alzheimer's. 

That's all for today~

❤ Rina and Mei


This is Mei here!

I plan to make a make-up tutorial of the make-up I wore this night, so be watching for that in the next week or two! ❤

❤ Mei 

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  1. Awww, Mei!! Hehe you're so cute! :3 In fact, both you and Rina are! Thank you gals for coming out and supporting us~ I hope we can meet again soon! ♥


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