Friday, December 31, 2010

Food! And Item Get~

Hi~ Mei here~ ☆

It's sooo freaking cold today!!! WTF!! I'm having a hard time typing because my hands feel so numb. I feel stupid for leaving my little heater at the apartment. (=∇=;|||) 


Yesterday I went out with Jaz, Will, and Kevin after dinner heehee. 

I helped Jaz and her dad make Chili Crab, and I saw them kill the crabs (*´д`*) I've never killed my own food before. I've always bought them deaaadd!!! I didn't take pictures of us eating it hahaha because it was soo messyyyy. So I couldn't hold my phone. 

We went out afterwards like pigs to eat dessert bahahaha. 

So we went to Macaroni Grill. We didn't know they closed at ten and we got there like 10 minutes after, but the doors were still open so we walked in. Fortunately, after we told them we were only going to order dessert, they allowed us to sit down. ❤❤ They were really sweet, hahaha. 

It's so freaking briiiggghhhttt!!! I hate the flash on my phone

Here's my Panna Cotta. You know? I don't even think I spelled that right, hahaha. And yes, I am way too lazy to check.

I got bored so I drew old school cartoon style!!! (>∇<;) ah~ it's been so long since I've drawn anything. 

Yes, Jaz caught a picture of me looking waay retarded. Hooraaayyy.


Today I received the package I was waiting for from Kumi Makiko's shop:


And One piece set~!

It's so extremely fuzzy and warm! I didn't take a picture of the back. I probably should have. It's gorgeous. Here's a picture from their site. 

To be honest, I was expecting the white onepiece to come with the white leggings. But I really don't care because most of my clothes are dark colored anyways. 

Edit: Actually, I was an idiot and I didn't look at the site, they all come with black leg warmers hahaha! /fail


Well, I will be going out with Kevin today after dinner to celebrate New Years, so I will probably do an outfit shot and post it here later. 

Edit: Here's the outfit shot:

Just wore the Yumetenbo onepiece with brown boots I got at Target, hahaha. Nothing much since I'm only going to my lovie's house.

Aside from that I made a New Years make-up tutorial for you guys. Inspired by Guri and Gura ❤
I will post it up here either later tonight or tomorrow. 

Here is the finished result (sorry, I look a bit high-strung in this picture but it was the clearest I had of the make-up)

Until then~ have a Happy New Year's Eve

and enjoy a picture of my cat. She likes to hide her nose in her paws while sleeping:

(Yeah that's an old Sailor Moon blanket. I've had it as long as I can remember)

Ciao ❤ Mei

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