Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Season in Glendale

Hey there it's Mei here, Rina's been too lazy to blog. (=∇=;|||)


Eki's Giveaway~

So Eki is doing a Christmas countdown giveaway~~!! 

She will be giving away a Coach Poppy clutch and a Melliesh lip gloss

Check her blog here for how to enter~!


So, about two or so weeks ago, I went to Glendale with my dad to watch Donna Deussen perform over at a wine bar and gallery for one of my classes. (>∇<;) 

While we were there, we decided to walk around the area for a bit because it was SO DECKED OUT!!! With gloriously wonderful Christmasy goodness!!! Here are a few pictures I had taken:

Donna was so awesome. (゜∇゜) She let me take pictures and talked to the rest of us who were eating in between songs. 'Twas pretty cool.

Here's what I ordered.... after I dug into it a bit... haaahaha (>∇<;)

A chandelier hanging in the middle of the street!!! How awesome is that?!?!(・◇・)

Soo cute!! There was a trolley stop! ☆

This is where the trolley runs through!~~ ❤

The chandelier hanging in the middle of the street. It was pretty (☆.☆)


I had won D-tan's giveaway~ and so I received the package of the giveaway stuff:

Thanks so much D-Tan~ 

Since I had to go perform today, I went ahead and tried on the lashes and white liner~ ☆

Tried on the Glamarous one ~

I love how whenever I look up, the lashes touch my eyebrow, hahaha! It's so cool~ (>ω<;)

Until next time ❤ Mei 


  1. Beautiful decoration!!!
    Congrats for winnig the giveaway ^^
    You look realyy pretty on the photos.

  2. Thank you so much dear!~ ❤ I know aren't the decorations just absolutely lovely? I wish I lived close enough so I could go there again (*゜―゜)

  3. I love the Americana! Totally random but they have pretty much one of the best pizza places in the state in one of their food kiosks~ lol <3

    and you look AMAZING in the Glamorous eye! I'm glad you're having fun with the lashes :D The Glamorous ones seem to last the longest from all of the Diamond Lash I've tried.

  4. Christmas looks delightful! I hope you had a great night out
    p.s. you are gorgeous! <3

  5. ☆ D~tan: Ooohhh!! The Americana! I wanted to go in there but I didn't get to because my dad and I just ate, hahaha.

    And thaanks~ I looove those ones. I'm having so much fun with these lashes, hahaha.

    ☆ a baronesque: Isn't it wonderful? ❤❤ I had such an awesome night. and thank you!! (・w・)


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