Sunday, July 31, 2011

Obon Festival Little Tokyo

Soooo yesterday, I went with Jaz to the Obon Festival in Little Tokyo~ but before going there, we stopped by the small plaza first and they had tanabata!

Mmmh, everytime I walk past this, I sit and wonder to myself if I can finish that... I don't think so, but it'd be so awesome (>ω<;)

Look at all them monsters who finished ъ(`―^)

The Obon Fest!

There actually wasn't too much around - we thought they'd have more and better food, but none of them really sounded that great. I wanted to get myself a dango, but everytime they finish cooking it, they run out (*´д`*)

So... in the end, we went to Marukai for food, then Curry House~

Look at these desserts ≧(´▽`)≦ I wanted them so much, but you know how it is before you eat. You want everything that looks awesome, but after you eat your food, you're like... uurrgghhhh no mooooorrreeeee.

My kid's meal (>∇<;) I LOVE their meatballs~

Afterwards, we went to Kinokuniya and the new Marukai Kawaii store right below Curry House.

Look what they have at the new Marukai Kawaii store!


And Prisila wig bangs, surprisingly (°_。) didn't expect to see that.

Well, I got my monthly Ageha from Kinokuniya...

And THIS~~~!! ☆ミ Everytime I go to Kinokuniya I look for this, but they never have it (either that or I'm always looking in the wrong place) but this time they do~!

And it comes with a DVD! 

I watched some of it today, and so far I like it, haha.

Lastly - woow over 100 readers! ( ´艸`) Thank you guys for following~ ! Much love to you guys~

❤ Mei


  1. how cool! I wish I could be there! :)

  2. This looks like so much fun! C: I wish I could have gone~

  3. Oh it looks like such a fun early obon matsuri, too bad about the dango that would bum me out too! The Marukai has so many beauty products XDD

  4. new reader here, your blog is so cute ! XD lucky you that you have Marukai with those Diamond lashes.. I wish there were diamond lashes here in San Francisco.. they only carry Dollywink at this supermarket here :/

  5. It was looads of fuun~~~ ❤ but I actually had more fun wandering around Kinokuniya and the two Marukai stores (>∇<;)

    ☆ Sara Mari: The dango made me sad (*゜―゜) I bought some over at Marukai to make up for it (>∇<;). I was also surprised at the amount of beauty products it had! There was even more inside the actual supermarket! (・◇・)

    ☆ Pinksugarichigo: Oh!~ Welcome to our blog hahaha ❤ I was happy to see those Diamond lashes there ( ´艸`) although I don't go to L.A. often hahaha. Ohhh San Francisco (・◇・) so close yet so far!


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