Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Birthday Bonfire!!

Soo around 3 weeks ago I went to Newport Beach to celebrate a friend's birthday. I arrived late in the evening with several other friends of mine.

It had been a while since I went to the beach and this was the first time this year. The beauty of the beach never ceases to amaze me ≧(´▽`)≦

It was cold so nobody really went all the way into the water, but it always feels good to step in the waters and have the tides pull on your feet ❤

Happy Birthday!!!

We actually took a similar beach picture like this while we were still in high school several years ago. This picture was taken so that we could print it out and put the two side by side ❤

It was cloudy the whole day so Josh, the birthday boy was sad that we might not have a sunset. But by the end of the day it came out~ so we had a sunset at the beach ☆ミ

I fell down backwards right after the picture was taken and K.O.'ed  o(TヘTo)...

I actually have another beach bonfire to go to this coming weekend, hahaha, so another day of craziness! (>∇<;)

❤ Mei


  1. I want to go to the warm beach too!!! I which we had warm beaches here in Norway too :(

  2. Ohhh it was actually extremely cold (>∇<;) we do have warm days though~ haha


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