Wednesday, July 13, 2011

☆ New Jewerich Lashes ☆

Hey dears~ 

So some of you may know from an earlier post that I've been dyying for Jewerich lashes no. 2 - well I found some on e-bay a few weeks ago and decided to order them.

With shipping it all comes out to ~20$ - I'd say about the equivalent of Dollywink lashes with tax give or take a buck or so. 

It took around a week and a half for it to get here - not bad. I'd actually expected longer.

Aaand here it is~ I was happy but at the same time I wasn't happy when it arrived. This was mainly because of reasons not pertaining to the lashes.

My kitten had gotten stuck in my neighbor's garage and it was midnight when I came home and found out. She hadn't eaten the entire day and was crying trying to get out of the garage. My neighbors were sleeping so I couldn't wake them up. (*´д`*) So I was worried the entire night and couldn't really feel happy about the lashes' arrival. We got her out the next morning so she's good.

Anyways - I gave the lashes a test run and my they were thick and dramatic! 

Lashband: The lashband was stiff - kind of like Diamond Lash lashbands. So you kind of need to wear them in a little - at least that's what I do to get the shape I want.

Design: I love the design! The lashes are looong, thick and dramatic. I love the pointy ends that give an edge to the design and help to make the lashes more noticeable. Now since these lashes are extremely thick and full, I find that it is better to place them from a third distance from the inner corner of your eyes if you have large eyes like me. Otherwise, you kind of get this look

Instead of this:

/failed drawings. They don't really help with me explaining this hahaha. But I did have fun drawing them.

Anyways, yeah I just prefer placing my lashes from a third of my eye from the inner corner:

Like that, hahaha. 

Well, without further ado, here are a few pictures of me wearing them... with my kuromi!! My dear partner in crime:

 I'll take better pictures of me wearing them soon - hopefully during the day. And I won't confuse you guys next time with my failed diagrams. 

❤ Mei


  1. Those lashes seem to be very nice ! I would like to see them closer too ~

  2. Those lashes really do suit you, and the way you apply them is great!

  3. they were really beautiful and fits perfectly on you :D

  4. I've been wearing these a lot recently and definitely agree that you have to wear them in! They're so stiff at first but after a few times they bend more into your eye shape and become very flattering then <3 They do look very pretty on you, and definitely recommend you should try No. 3 for bottom lashes :D

    You should definitely get them on iMomoko next time, they're like $15.99 with free shipping and are locally based :D

  5. ☆ Ozone: They are gorgeous, I'll try to get better pictures of them up soon~

    ☆ Sara mari: Thanks love! ❤

    ☆ Churi Chan: Aw thanks ❤ I actually had to shift them because they were making my eyes look funny before.

    ☆ D-tan: Thanks! Yeah I do want to try No. 3 for my bottom lashes. Thanks for the tip! I think I will get them from there next time. So much cheaper! ❤


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